giving you the (humming)bird

When SK and I honeymooned in Jamaica, we were introduced to the most delicious beach drink… the hummingbird. (We also won the dance contest at the resort, but I’ll save that for another day.) The bartender suggested them for breakfast(!), and after one sip I was hooked. I got the recipe before we left and make them each year on our anniversary.

Awwwww. Boozy breakfast beach drinks. So romantic.

Last week, we celebrated twelve years while on our family beach trip to Seaside. After I whipped the kitchen into shape, I whipped up a batch.


In case you are wondering (you aren’t), I take a travel K cup coffee maker on vacation. And I rearrange the kitchen of the rental house. And I buy basil to keep by the sink (because tomatoes). I also assemble a bar/snack area, and pretend I’m at an all-inclusive resort.

It’s exhausting really.

Back on topic, hummingbirds require rum cream liqueur, and it can be difficult to find. SK couldn’t find Cruzan, so he picked up Rum Chata. The drinks were still tasty, but I definitely recommend Cruzan if you can find it…




(Serves 4… or you can half the recipe. I use a shot glass to measure.)

2 ounces Milk
2 ounces Kahlua (or other coffee flavored liqueur)
2 ounces Rum Cream Liqueur
1 ounce Strawberry Syrup
1 Banana
Crushed Ice

Combine all the ingredients and blend until smooth. And delicious.


Bananas? Milk? It is practically a smoothie. Heck, you can throw in a little spinach and tell people you are on a cleanse. Maybe I should market these things…

Wowie’s Wondrous Boozie Smoozie. You might not lose weight, but you will definitely feel better.

smoozie(duh): drunk speak for smoothie; also, smoothie with booze in it.

And just for fun, here’s a pic of G washing his pips (with no water)…


pips: Graham speak for armpits.

Move over selfie, I think we have some “Word of the Year” material over here.

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  1. Ha! We travel with a Keurig, hysterical. We’d forget the kids before we forgot that!

  2. I started to take our full-size Keurig with us this weekend! I think a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a travel-size K just might be in order! I sure like your thinking, girl!

  3. That drink sounds delicious and I plan on trying it very soon!!