oh, hay…

Get it? Hay?

Of course you do. Welcome to my blog. So why write a blog? I decided to do this for three reasons…

1. I have been narrating my life (in my head) for as long as I can remember. I thought it might be fun to actually write some of it down. Hey, at least it is my voice and not Morgan Freeman’s. Because that (and only that) would make it weird.

2. I never completed my children’s baby books. Who am I kidding? I never even started them. With this comes an enormous amount of guilt. When they get older and realize this, they will think their mom was a total slacker. I will tell them to come here to see more pictures of themselves in their underwear than any baby book could offer.

3. I have the worst memory ever. When I can no longer remember, it will be nice to look back. I hope the nursing home has Wi-Fi.


So why “The Wowie?” My niece’s first word was Wowie. She was looking at me when she said it, so I claimed it. Now my family refers to me as Wowie 99% of the time. You can contact me at me@thewowie.com

(not so) FAQs

Top photo courtesy of b. mo foto


  1. Ahhh…..you make me want the sweater even more now! Gorgeous pic of you. You should be on a hair commercial. F’real.

  2. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills. Keep up the excellent quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like
    this one these days.

  3. best name ever!!! You should high 5 your niece, for sure!

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  4. Ok, sorry for such a trivial question, BUT, where is your jacket and skirt from in your Instagram pic, the one with Welch’s in your lap? By the way LOVE your blog!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Are you from Baton Rouge , Louisiana? Your family is so Beautiful and Happy. I veered off and found you and looked at all your pic’s and blogs. LOVE , LOVE YOUR HOME. Would love to see the inside more and the outside. You are a great writer!!! GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILY. BEAUTIFUL FAMILY. Amy

    • Oh my stars and little chickens. I LOVE your gardenia candle. It is my absolute favorite scent. Thank you so much for the sweet comment… Made my day!