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friday four

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Long time, no list. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of my summer favorites.



I got a pair of TKEES (pronounced tikis, in case you are wondering) back in the spring. They are so comfortable and go with pretty much everything (mine are SPF 15). I have worn them nonstop this summer, and my feelings for them are unnatural (considering they are shoes). They also come with a little cotton carry bag. Very convenient to keep in your purse or car… especially if you find yourself out of milk while wearing 3 inch heels.

2. Health Warrior Chia Bars


Picked up a box of coconut chia bars at Homegoods on a whim. And by “on a whim,” I mean I was getting hangry. And by “hangry,” I mean I was experiencing hunger induced anger. Anyway, they have 110 calories, 1000 mg of omega-3 and taste delicious. They are much more expensive online, so I went back to Homegoods and cleaned them out. Worth a shot if you are into chia and coconut. You probably aren’t.

3. Target PJs

Have y’all seen the cute pj short sets at Target? They look so much like the super expensive ones from Eberjey.





(Thanks a lot Target for not letting me steal pics from your website. Notice the strategic hair swing to hide my makeupless face. Or maybe I was in the middle of my morning jig.)

They are so soft, and you can’t beat the $80 price difference. I have the navy with pink piping but looks like those are not available online.

4. Sophia Rosé


My love for Sophia is nothing new, but this summer I have grown quite fond of the rosé. It is great with summer salads and light pastas. As with all rosés, I want to wear a t-shirt that says “This Is Not White Zin” while drinking it.

Have a great weekend!

When life gives you lemons…

Friday, August 15th, 2014

When I was on maternity leave with Wells, I stumbled upon my love for cooking shows. I would hold him while he snoozed and watch the Food Network ladies make everything look so easy. (Except for Giada being a polly pocket even though she appears to eat nothing but carbs. Also, the fact that her lower body can support her top half. Both seem scientifically impossible.) One day, Paula Deen whipped up some Lemon Blossoms and my postpartum hormones just couldn’t resist. Y’all. They are so delicious. I only make them a couple of times a year because, unlike Giada, I can’t eat all the things. And if these little lovelies are around, well, they aren’t for long.


You will need:

18 1/2 -ounce package yellow cake mix
3 1/2 -ounce package instant lemon pudding mix
4 large eggs
3/4 cup vegetable oil
4 cups confectioners’ sugar
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1 lemon, zested
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
3 tablespoons water


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and mix the first four ingredients. These are great to make with kids. Or get kids to make for you. However you want to spin it.


Let me just go ahead and say that I did not purposfully coordinate their outfits with the stand mixer. And I also accept the fact that you don’t believe me.



Spray a mini muffin tin with plenty of Bakers Joy, and then fill each about half way.


This is the only part Wells and Graham didn’t do. They took a Spongebob break after citing some lame child labor law.


Bake the cupcakes for 12 minutes. While you are waiting, whip up the glaze. I lured them back with the lemon juicing, which they loved.


And I’m really glad, because that is my least favorite part.



When the blossoms are done baking, dip them into the glaze (while they are still warm).


Let them dry on wire racks for at least an hour.



It is a really, really long hour.


Suck it, lemonade.

Recipe can be found here.

these are the days

Thursday, August 7th, 2014


Y’all. What is the deal with all the “days?” You know, like National Chocolate Day and National Tequila Day. Do we really need specific days set aside to eat chocolate and drink tequila? I do those things every day. (I kid.) Where did all these fake holidays come from? Are they sponsored? For example, was National Fresh Breath Day (not kidding… it was yesterday) thought up by a marketing intern at Tic Tac? Every single day there is a new “fill in the blank” day. How do people know or keep up with what day it is? Not sure about you, but these days are not preprinted in my overly priced planner.

But, someone, somewhere knows. They are sitting on go with a perfectly filtered photo of a Krispy Kreme and #nationaldonutday. That one post is all it takes. People start scrambling and then suddenly, your Instagram feed is clogged with hot and fresh pictures of glazed, sugary goodness. I picture a worn out mom in pajama pants loading her screaming baby into the car, and then hauling A to Dunkin’ Donuts. Must. Have. A. Donut.

Heaven forbid it falls in the middle of your #whole30.

The unpaid holidays aren’t limited to food and drink. There’s Battery Day (hopefully not of the assault variety), Elephant Appreciation Day and National Dump the Pump Day (which I incorrectly assumed was about wine consumption and breastfeeding). And they are not limited to days… August is National Catfish Month AND Romance Awareness Month. I feel like there is a little too much overlap there.

I don’t really think all made up days are bad. Not sure if they exist, but I would likely celebrate Don’t Wash Your Hair Day, Fruity Pebbles Day, Run Late for Appointments Day and Look at Your iPhone Day. Maybe we can start a petition or something.

However, if the following days are adopted, I might have to give up social media altogether:

* “I Am Literally Dying” Day (Seriously, why do girls say that? The person who started it should literally be punched in the throat.)

* National Pop of Color Day

* Kiosk Awareness Day

* National Nickelback Day

* Pumpkin Spice Latte Day (Who am I kidding? That is every single day in September and October.)

I know. I sound bitter. Probably because there isn’t a Wowie Day. But, there is a National No Pants Day. All hope isn’t lost.

Beach Please

Friday, July 25th, 2014

We went to the beach at the beginning of June, and I’ve been meaning to post some photos from our trip. It took me a while to even look through them. I don’t know about you, but I go through mourning post vacation. My five stages of beach grief go a little something like this…

1. Denial and Isolation- “What? Can a girl not enjoy a Corona at her desk at 11:15?”

2. Anger- “Check the Powerball ticket again. CHECK IT.”

3. Bargaining- “We can sell our house, homeschool our kids and open a hotdog stand. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

4. Depression- “I’m going to be alone (doing laundry) forever.”

5. Acceptance- “I guess I will go ahead and download the pics from my iPhone because it is full.”

It is a slow and painful process. Sort of like looking at 100 million photos from someone else’s vacation.

You’ve been warned.

We went to Seaside again this year and had a wonderful time. We switched rentals at the last minute, and the house we ended up with was great.







Wells and Graham loved playing on the beach (they really didn’t have much choice), and we loved watching them.





Graham got an ear infection mid-stay but 24 hours and some antibiotics later, he was good to go.


He also napped at the beach almost every day. At least it wasn’t at dinner each night as in prior years.




Actually, we all got in on the (lack of) action. Maybe we needed a mid-day siesta because Graham got up at 6:45 EVERY day.



One morning we walked outside and found this guy chilling by the outdoor shower…


A nice guy walking by stopped and PICKED UP the snake and took it away, and Graham was like…


And I was like, Graham don’t EVEN think about EVER picking up a snake, young man. The rest of the trip was thankfully uneventful.



IMG_3939 2















The only item on the agenda, other than beaching and napping, was eating.








Toward the end of our trip, we moved to Perdido because SK had a work thing. Related, I would like to have work things in Perdido. Yaya sent me an article about an infestation of sharks in the area, so we stuck with the pool.








And then we came home with a nothing but a hermit crab, a loser Powerball ticket and 1000 pictures to show for it.


But as soon as I’m done with this laundry, I’m ready to go back.