Friday Five

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Happy first day of spring. After my last post, we decided Wells was well and ventured off on a spring break (during winter?) road trip to Asheville via Atlanta. Mid-trip, Wells relapsed, and I fell victim to the stomach evil. On the bright side, I read a great book on the drive home.

1. Come On Ride That Train


I finished The Girl on the Train in a day. The characters were extremely unlikable, and the plot was depressing. But, I could not put it down. It is dark, yet well written, and I loved the twist at the end. If you read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Wait. I already know what you are thinking. The photo of the book and its wonky font on that wavy background would make anyone nauseated.

2. Solid Gold


You can stop looking for the pot of gold. I found it at the end of the rainbow that is Target. These shoes are so cheap, so comfortable and so ugly they are cute.

3. Pump Up the Jams

While at Target, I came across these pjs. They are the same style as the navy ones I mentioned here, but in a springy print. The picture doesn’t do them justice… much cuter in person.

4. Take Me Back Home To Mississippi


This Mississippi cutting board from Amazon (you’re killing me, Prime) is great for entertaining. Cheese, crackers, fruit and nuts make a perfect appetizer for unexpected guests. Seems fitting since it is the hospitality state and all.

As pictured, my dinner. We don’t have guests.

ps- If you like brie and blue cheese and you haven’t tried cambozola, get on it.

5. Mint To Be


How cute is this gold pot from Anthropologie? I added a couple of mint plants since it is spring and all. And since I like mojitos and all. It is $14 and 15% off today only.

Plus, it matches my sandals.


Be sure to check out all the Five on Friday posts. Have a great weekend!

the grapes of wrath

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Last week, school was cancelled because of the weather. The boys hung out in their pjs most of the day and waited for snow.

And then it snowed! They both asked me to fetch the snowball makers Santa brought last Christmas. Too bad it only lasted five minutes and didn’t stick.


They were snow disappointed. 

The next day, I got a call that Graham had gotten sick during cooking class. I tried to blame it on raw cookie dough or something, but his teacher told me a bug was going around. Uncle Scott was visiting from Seattle. (Or as G calls him, “My long lost cousin Uncle Scott.”) He flew south for the winter only to end up “snowed in” a house full of stomach virus. No wonder he waits so long between visits.


So, Graham was pitiful, and I did what any concerned parent would do. I stocked up on 100% grape juice.

I’m not sure if it is scientific fact or superstition, but people swear by the stuff. Graham told me all his teachers drink it, and that they never catch the stomach bug.

I pumped the healthy members of the family full of it, and no one else got sick. Whew.

Yesterday, I got an email from Graham’s teacher that five more kids in her class had stomach virus. When I picked G up from school he told me that a little boy (who was sick last week) threw up again during class. Off we went to the Krogers to purchase more juice.

Might I add that this little experiment reminded me how delicious grape juice is. Just last night, Wells and I discussed how we both need more of it in our lives… virus or not.


Fast forward to 2 a.m. and the harsh wake up call of an eight year old barfing his brains out.

Now, there isn’t much worse than seeing your child sick. Except maybe seeing your child sick and puking purple on the stairs. You know. The stairs with the beige runner.

Lucky for Wells (and the rest of us), school was cancelled again today. He got to rest up and thankfully feels much better.

In conclusion, when the grape juice works, it works. But when it doesn’t, you do… for hours… scrubbing carpet.

I will never drink grape juice again.

Um, unless wine is considered grape juice.

so many pictures…

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Most blog posts this morning are about the Oscars or some sort of weekend recap. Not here. I like to be different. Edgy.

That is why this post is about January. Well, that and because I need to make some room on my iPhone.

We rang in the new year in Perdido. It was a little chilly, but we prefer to be cold at the beach instead of at home.








(I realize Wells’ eyes are closed, and G looks constipated in that pic. Every January a group from the company I work for flies to Houston for a photo. The running joke is that you better look okay in the CEO’s best photo because that is the one going in the annual report. I am the CEO of this blog.)


Graham passed out around 11 on New Year’s Eve. Before he fell asleep he said, “Do whatever it takes to wake me up at midnight.”


We managed to get him up, but I don’t think he remembered any of it the next day.



And, the first one to fall asleep had to clean up the confetti. (He actually woke up at the crack of dawn and cleaned it up without us asking.)



I made black eyed peas and cabbage because that’s how my mama raised me. The other members of the family were less than thrilled.




We asked the boys about their New Year’s resolutions. Wells said his was to fly on more planes. Graham said that he didn’t have one because he was already a better person.


On the way home, we stopped at The Wharf for some laser tag. The boys were not happy about having a girl on their team until I went sniper mode and took the other team out.
(Skyhawk= Wowie)

There was lots of January basketball.





Graham celebrated his 100th day of school by dressing up as a 100 year old.


And Wells chose Theodore Roosevelt for his wax museum project.


Wells read to Graham’s class, and they loved it (Graham especially).


Wells also told us that God has a path for us all. And that his path is away from Brussels sprouts.


We celebrated a couple of birthdays. (And since there isn’t anything else to do in January we really streeeeeeetched them out.)





Graham woke up on his birthday with both ears infected. After a visit to the doctor he said, “I’m six, I’m sick and it sucks.”



Since he missed school on his birthday, I thought I got out of the “class party.” Oh no. He reminded me daily for a week and a half, and then asked his teacher to email me about it. So. Much. Sugar.


He also wanted to have a SpongeBob movie party. The movie didn’t release until two weeks after his birthday, but we agreed because movie parties are the easiest parties ever.

Emily at Ruff Draft Papers did a great job on the invitations. It is hard to make SpongeBob cute, but I think she succeeded.






Please forgive me for the month late phone dump. The Wowie will be back to its regularly scheduled content (aka nothing) tomorrow. But please check back in May when I cover February through April.


I hope.

friday five

Friday, February 6th, 2015

In honor of its rapidly approaching arrival, a Valentine’s Day five.

1. Wooden You Be Mine


I’ve mentioned these wooden heart spoons before. In case you missed it, they make really cute teacher gifts. Or favorite CPA gifts. Hint. HINT.

(Oops… Looks like the $10 Amazon Prime version is sold out.)

2. Eye Love You


Some of you may happen to have a hot date on heart day. I think a subtle cat eye is a pretty, romantic look for a night out. I love this Chanel eyeliner. It is basically a hypoallergenic Sharpie. Everyone loves Sharpies.

3. Give Me Some Lip


Another fun February look is a not-too-red lip. The “Meritage” lip pencil from Bite is great one to try. It is somewhere between a “I ate a popsicle” red and a “my lips are bleeding” red. So basically perfect.

4. Eat Your Heart Out


No need to overthink Valentine’s gifts for guys. We all know what they really want. Food. And not some fancy schmancy dinner that takes too long and costs too much. The way to a man’s heart (and arteries) is a chili cheeseburger. If you are in the Jack-son Miss-is-sippi area, grab your man and head over to CS’s and order an Inez burger and fries. It will show up and show out. And don’t forget the peanut butter pie for dessert. Smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

He will love you until the day he dies. Which could be sooner than later if he makes a habit of eating Inez burgers.

5. Bae Be Cray


If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special lady in your life, check out last year’s gift guide. And then buy yourself something because at least one person should be happy on Valentine’s Day.

Check out all the Five on Friday posts over at A Liz. Have a great weekend!

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