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bruschetta makes it bettah

Monday, July 14th, 2014

We have an abundance of cherry tomatoes from our little garden. Last night, I got a little caprese cra-zay and whipped up the best bruschetta batch to date.


It’s so easy it probably shouldn’t be posted on the internet, but it is just too good not to share. Chop some tomatoes, basil, chives and fresh mozzarella.

I used this kind…


Add a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil, a splash or two of balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. (I can not type or say salt and pepper without breaking out a little Shoop. Here I go, here I go, here I go again…)


Let that bowl of delicious sit for a while. The longer it sits, the better your bruschetta. If you need to make this more difficult, you could grill or toast a sliced baguette. Or you could just use these…


Load ‘em up and chow down.



So easy and they taste like a mouth full of summertime. Let me know if you have a go-to tomato recipe because I’m running out of ideas. Have a great week!

comments, cops, camp and caffeine

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Y’all. If you haven’t read the comments on the last post, you should. There were quite a few that had me cracking up. I think The Wowie needs more guest posts from its hilarious readers (I’m looking at you, “white jeans” Dana). Seriously, thanks for all the blog lovin and funny stories. AND congratulations to Kasie for winning the giveaway. (SK randomly chose a winner so the rest of y’all be mad at him, not me.)

If my June iPhone dump was any indication, the month was spent playing/watching baseball and picking tomatoes. I’m talking lots of tomato pictures. Really exciting stuff.

Speaking of exciting, Wells got to throw out the opening pitch at a Mississippi Braves game. We didn’t tell him beforehand, in case the game was rained out, and because he told me he needs more surprises. And I quote, “Mom, it would be really cool if you picked us up from school one day and told us that we were headed to Legoland California.” I told him it would be a really cool surprise if, when I picked him up from school, he had his backpack, lunchbox AND his glasses.



video here

Anyway, he was excited and did a great job. All the players signed the ball, and it is now his most prized possession.

Meanwhile, during the game, brother G poured water onto the unfortunate fans sitting underneath us. Mama was too busy watching the game (talking) to notice. I did notice when the ballpark manager and a member of the Pearl police department entered the suite searching for the perp. The look on his face gave him away immediately. That and the water dripping from the railing in front of him.


I said what any parent would say in such a delicate and embarrassing situation… “At least he didn’t pee over the side.” They should have cuffed us both and hauled us to the pokey.

The boys went to Twin Lakes last week. It was Wells’ third time and Graham’s debut. They were super fired up when I dropped them off the first morning…


And looked like they’d been beaten when I picked them up.


Wells was missing a shoe. Graham was wearing his friend’s shirt and crying because a kid called him “sassy boy.” Just so you know, never call a five year old sassy boy… it is highly offensive. Over the course of the week they lost two bottles of sunscreen, a can of bug spray, one New Balance, a pair of shorts, two pair of underwear and a beach towel. I’m happy to report that the shoe was recovered at the closing ceremony lost and found. Not so happy to say that it now smells like a lake full of farts.



While at camp, Graham had his first Coke. Or as he relived it for me…





He’s such a sassy boy.

I hope you have a fun and festive (and cop-free) Fourth of July.

over the hill

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Guess what yesterday was?

The Wowie’s 4th birthday. Do you know how old that is in blog years? Like 50. Or maybe even 100.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I shall share 100 Wowie facts that you should know by now.

Wait. A hundred is sort of ambitious. I’ll do fifty.

But fifty things you don’t want or need to know? That seems a little self indulgent.

Okay, so four. Here we go…

#1 When I was little, I ate a Christmas tree lightbulb. I like to think that’s why I’m so bright.

#2 Yaya (my sister) had her driver’s license while I was still in elementary. One day, she wouldn’t pull over her Pontiac 6000 so I could go potty. In turn, I peed in the floorboard of her backseat. Don’t mess with me or my need to pee.

#3 My middle name is Trichell. I’ve always thought it sounded like a model’s name. You know, like Toyota Trichell.

#4 My great grandmother lived to be 106 years old. Given my family history, The Wowie should be around for another 70 years. Get. Excited.

Seventy is 875 in blog years. This calls for a celebration AND a birthday giveaway.


Leave a comment (like a little known fact about yourself or something you’d like to see on The Wowie) for a chance to win this neon tassel necklace and one of my favorite glitter “sippy cups.” A winner will be randomly selected next week.

Love and thanks for reading my ramblings. Y’all are the best.

I was country when collards weren’t cool

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

For the past six years we have planted a tiny garden in our backyard. It is lots of fun for the kids (i.e., ME). We plant squash, eggplant, cucumbers, basil, rosemary, dill, jalapeños, tomatoes and bell peppers in the spring, and collards, kale and green onions in the fall. All we need are some chickens.


Speaking of chickens, isn’t funny how everything “southern” is cool now? What was once redneck is now refined. All the hipsters are flooding the farmer’s markets and have coops on the stoops of their walk-ups. Fancy restaurants are serving grits, y’all. And it is socially acceptable to say y’all, y’all. And all the fake southern accents… I do declare. What’s next… Mud bogs, moonshine and marrying your cousin?

It’s a strange world in which we live.

When I was growing up, my daddy would plant close to two acres every spring and fall. That is like 26,798 raised beds. I hated picking peas and butterbeans. The only thing that was worse was shelling them. I remember the day my daddy brought home the electric pea sheller and set it up on our screen porch (and I don’t remember much). All this to say, I AM NOT A POSER.

Who would have ever thought someone would use the word poser and pea sheller in the same paragraph? Lawd.

Anyway, we planted the garden and it has done remarkably well despite our absence this summer. (The key is Black Kow, lime and fertilizer. I used organic fertilizer because I’m practically a hippie.) (Oh, and planting tomato plants the size of small trees.)


It was way more fun to play with the stuff we pulled up than to help.

It was way more fun to play with the stuff we pulled up than to help.

Taking a break to enjoy the redneck pool party...

Taking a break to enjoy the redneck pool party…

Actually, the plants have done too well and are crowding each other out. I really need a couple of more beds. Or 40 acres and a tractor.






I love cherry tomatoes and thankfully there are plenty to make my favorite salad and snack. I also added some to my avocado toast and it was delish. Can’t wait for the big tomatoes to get ripe for BLTs and tomato tarts.



Have a wonderful weekend. Y’ALL.