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See Rock City

Friday, April 18th, 2014

We took a quick trip to New York during Spring Break. Nothing says spring break like a polar vortex and a missing Malaysian aircraft (the news broke the morning we left).


Before we go any further, you should all know that I am a paranoid flyer. I have already mentioned the superstitious need to touch the outside of the airplane before I board. I have done my motherly duty and passed this life trait on to my children.


On Wells’ first trip to New York, we rented a limo to take us into Manhattan from LaGuardia. We have been burned one to many times with our excessive luggage. We strive for no G left behind, so SK lined one up for when we arrived.




Y’all. We looked like we were heading to our senior prom then onto a bachlorette party. Lots of bright white with neon lights.

Of course, Graham thought it was “AWESOME.”

Like I said, there’s no business like snow business during “spring” break.



We actually were blessed with beautiful weather while we were there. It wasn’t even that cold. Except when we took the boat to see the Statue of Liberty. Then it was THAT cold.




We also visited the Intrepid. My daddy was on an aircraft carrier in the Navy and has told Wells about it over the years. The Intrepid was Wells only request for the trip. Well. That and hotdogs.






We saw Matilda and it was fantastic. A week or so before we left I started reading the book to Wells and Graham. I didn’t want them to balk when they heard we were going to a PLAY let alone one with a GIRL’S NAME. They liked the book, and they loved the play.




My only request was to go to Babbo for the black spaghetti. I know it looks like a pile of poo knows what, but I crave it. I wish there was a way to order it through Amazon Prime. (There is not. I have checked.)



Speaking of food, we also ate at Sarah Beth’s (I’ve “been addicted to Benedict” for as long as I can remember), Quality Italian, Eataly, Dos Caminos (where I had dos too many prickly pear margaritas) and Balthazar. Yes. We took our cray kids to all those places. They are much more well behaved than the multi margarita crew.


I also feel this way about carbs

I also feel this way about carbs.





Unrelated- This is Katie Couric…


She was a tiny little thing. Clearly she steers clear of the carbs.

We also chilled at the hotel A LOT. Kids love hotels and windows…


this is how I feel about chocolate

I also feel this way about chocolate.




Oh and toys…







When we got home, Aunt Yaya asked us about our trip…

Yaya: Did you go the Empire State Building?

Wells and G: No.

Yaya: Did you ride the subway?

Wells and G: No.

Did you go to the 9/11 memorial?

Wells and G: No.

Wowie: But we did see the Freedom Tower on our way to the Statue of Liberty.

Yaya: So you climed the Statue of Liberty?

Graham: No. And we didn’t even see Rock City.


Wowie: Um, actually we did! Back in 2011.

Too bad he meant Top of the Rock.

I guess this means we will just have to take them back. Hopefully next time there will be less windchill and more shopping for mama.

And more photos. I barely took any. Oh wait…












Happy Good Friday and Easter Weekend!

“Eternal life is not a trophy to be won, but a gift to be received.”

friday five {aka I have a product problem}

Friday, April 11th, 2014

I buy (and use) an unnecessary and excessive amount of products. Hair, body, skin… I have no boundaries. Product hoarders like me rejoice during Sephora’s 15% off promotion. Not to be outdone, Ulta has 20% off… plus 8% cash back on Ebates. THEY ARE GIVING AWAY THE FARM.

In case you need a little motivation…

1. Caudalie Divine Legs


This stuff is great for last minute white leg emergencies. It is a tinted body lotion that adds a little color instantly (I use it on my arms too). Bonus- it smells fantastic unlike sunless tanners. (Side note- SK says I smell like tacos when I get a spray tan.) (Whatever… I love tacos.)

2. Perfekt Matte Body Perfection Gel


I have super pale skin and really blue veins. This is not a good combo as the back of my legs looks like a roadmap. If you are like me and could use a little more coverage, Perfekt is the way to go. A little goes a long way and it isn’t glittery like a lot of instant tanners. Disclosure: It is a very weird consistency… almost like mud. Graham saw me putting it on once and asked why I was rubbing poop on my legs. You have been warned.

From roadmaps to poop legs. If I had any stock it would plummet after this post.

3. Dior Nail Glow


While I am pointing out my flaws it should be known that I cannot paint my own nails. Every time I attempt it, I end up with painted fingers. I have to do a gel nail detox and plan to use this stuff to get me through. It has no color and supposedly leaves your nails with a shiny glow (after two coats). It is expensive but far cheaper than a gel manicure. Or new carpet because man hands spilled the OPI.

4. Stila Kitten


This eye shadow is in the hall of fame. The color looks great on everyone I’ve used it on or recommended it to. Don’t be afraid of the description… it is not pink. Unlike the Jane pink eyeshadow I rocked in the ninth grade because it matched my Caboodle.

The kitten lip gloss is great too.

5. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask


This mask by Bliss is an all time favorite. I use it a couple of times each week and it leaves my skin feeling all tingly and clean. Dare I say energized? I dare not.

Your turn. Do you have a favorite beauty product? Hurry up and spill it, because the sale is over at midnight.

Be sure to check out all the Five on Friday posts over at A. Liz Adventures.

Have a great weekend!

berry easy

Friday, April 4th, 2014

You are going to roll your eyes at this one and be all “No duh,” but I’m going to post it anyway. If I can reach one person who walks by those little cakes in the grocery store and wonders, “What are those for?” then I have succeeded.


My mama made these for me when I was little, so I now make them for Wells and Graham. I’m really throwing the term “make” around loosely, but pouring a carton of heavy cream into the mixer instead of buying Cool Whip should count for something.


Strawberry Shortcakes

1 package of tiny sponge cakes
1 carton of strawberries (washed and sliced)
1 carton of heavy cream
Powdered Sugar

Douse the strawberries with powdered sugar and put them to the side. The longer they sit in their sugar bath, the better they will be. Whip the cream and whip it good. Add a little powdered sugar to taste. Maybe put a little powdered sugar on your face and clothes so it appears you have actually done something. Plate them up and enjoy all your hard work and effort.


Don’t forget to pour a little bit of the strawberry juice on the sponge cakes. Or you can get all fancy schmancy and use a pound cake as the vehicle for the strawberries and whipped cream.


My go to pound cake recipe. But there really is no need to show off.

I hope you have a berry good weekend.

Ugh. That was a berry bad joke.

I am berry sorry.

(In case you missed it, another yummy strawberry dessert here.)

friday five

Friday, March 28th, 2014

1. Cadbury White Mini Eggs


I picked up a bag of these at Target “for the boys.” And then I ate most of them waiting in carpool line. By the time Graham got in the car, I looked like Tyrone Biggums. SHAZAM.


(I miss Chapelle’s Show but please don’t tell my mama I watched it.)

Am I comparing the Easter candy to crack? Yes. You should try it.


(The candy, not crack.)

2. Williams Sonoma Sale


Williams Sonoma soaps and candles are currently 20% off online (plus free shipping) and in stores. The candles make great hostess gifts so I stock up when they are on sale. I really like the fleur de sel candle… it smells clean and beachy. If we can’t live at the beach, at least we can pretend, right? I also like the rosemary mint scent (especially this time of year).

(That was just a really desperate attempt to get you to invite me to a party.)

(Let me know if it worked.)

3. Candor Zinfandel


Y’all. If you like red wine you should really try Candor Zinfandel. It is yummy… maybe a little too yummy. Like, “Where is that bottle of wine? What? I already drank it?” yummy.

Not that I have ever done that.

(If you invite me to your party I will bring the candle AND a bottle of Candor.)

(Seriously. Let me know.)

4. Clinique Chubby Stick


For as long as I can remember (which isn’t very long), I’ve been searching for the right red lipstick. I love how it looks on other people, but I always look like a clown. And I don’t like clowns.

This Clinique Chubby Stick in mightiest maraschino was a gift with purchase, and it the most wearable red I have ever tried. I still have to cut it 50% with a neutral lip gloss but PROGRESS. It doesn’t dry my lips out so I’m going to try some other colors too.

I know you are all as excited as I am about this discovery. Hashtag sarcasm.

5. DoTerra Balance

Not to get all Hippie Longstockings, but have y’all tried the Balance essential oil blend from doTerra? I ordered it on a whim after seeing this on Pinterest…


I have been known to be a little ADD and by a little I mean I should be medicated. And then I saw this and it really sold me…


If one of its primary uses is coma, it must be good, right? Right.

I had to read through a bunch of accounting literature this week and thought it would be a good time to test it out.

(Am I comparing reading accounting literature to being in a coma? Yes.)

I dabbed a little behind my ears and waited for the magic to happen. I must say, I did feel less hyper and more focused than usual. Last night, I put a little in an oil diffuser (from The Body Shop circa 1999) and my kids have never been as calm and cooperative.


Kidding. They were still crazytown.

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