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I tend to use this place as a platform for sharing my issues. Hi, my name is Wowie and fill in the blank. Today, I would like to discuss packing. I know there are people in the world who can up and fly to another country in an hour’s notice. I am not one of those people.

When I go out of town it looks a little something like this…

1. A few weeks before, I decide I do not have any clothes. I also discover that my children have outgrown everything they own. A frantic online sale search ensues.

2. A week before, I must wash every item of clothing in our house. Even things that have zero chance of being packed. Hole-y Blue Mountain t shirt from 1999? Clean and ready to go.

3. During wash week, I also tackle procrastination projects like cleaning out closets and organizing my makeup drawer. Also, non-trip related tasks like backing up my laptop and supergluing a broken candlestick. Overdue thank you notes? Written. Must do all the things.

4. A couple of days before, I start making stacks. Stacks of stuff to take. Stacks of stuff I might take. Stacks of pancakes. Heaven forbid that, while making said stacks, I realize I can’t find something. For example, the bathing suit coverup I took on my honeymoon (that I didn’t even like then) suddenly becomes my favorite thing in the world. All forward progress screeches to a dramatic halt, and I rip through all the progress made (in step three) to find it. This could last hours. Even days. Sometimes I forget what I am even looking for.

5. The night before we are scheduled to leave, I finally break down and pack. At the last. possible. minute. I will stay up half the night under packing and then overpacking. I try on everything I own. After that, I clean the house. The next morning I am so worn out that I just want to bag the whole thing.

Once we arrive, I realize I don’t have about half of what I need and that I have tons of stuff I don’t. Like my “favorite” coverup from 2002 and a full set of luggage under my eyes. I am pretty sure this is one of those traits SK did not sign up for.

Please tell me I’m not alone. Or recommend a good therapist.

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  1. Whew Lawd. Reading that made ME tired! Aaaaand that’s because I completely understand. A few years ago when we were headed to the beach, I decided the night before we left that I just HAD to make all the kiddos (all FIVE OF THEM) those cute little beach towel poncho things I saw on Pinterest. What kind of crazy starts a project within 24 hours of leaving on a week long trip?! That would be me.

    If you get a good therapy rec, be sure to share it! 😉

  2. Consider me your seat-mate on the crazy train. I was nodding my head at every last thing you wrote. Maybe we can get a group discount for some packing therapy!! 😉

  3. I can relate to every single point!!! Where do we join a therapy group for this as mentioned above? I’m in! We are about to take a two-week road trip and I’m already creating stacks. I tell my husband and boys, if they want to take it, then they need to create a new stack near my stacks so it won’t be left behind.

  4. damn girl, that is exhausting! You poor thing! I actually enjoy packing…I try to plan outfits specifically for each day and occasion. That way I am just going to have to wear the set things I had planned on and I don’t have too many options. Hope you are getting some R&R on your vacay!

  5. Yes!!! I had no indea I wasn’t alone. It’s crazy to read this because it’s ME!

  6. oh my gosh! yes, that’s me. so ridiculous. happens every time, especially the frantic search for something I can’t find. that usually puts me over the edge. also all beds must have clean sheets on them before we leave so I’m stripping beds while people are still sleeping because I have to wash the other sheets and dry them before we leave too. and if I happened to have PMS during such events, well then I’m just a step away from the looney bin! so glad i’m not alone!!

  7. You’re not alone. I found myself constantly nodding my head while reading this! Haha

  8. Ok, since this is therapy, I will spill it all. I am a little like you. One thing I have improved on is the packing part. I have learned that LESS is more….really. We went to the beach a few weeks ago and told every family member that they could only bring ONE bag…even me. Can I tell you how freeing this was? I will admit that on the last day all I had was one more outfit and I could not change my mind about it. It all worked out fine.

    Now, as for cleaning the house, it MUST be clean before I leave, all notes written, all bills paid way in advance, all flowers watered, all laundry clean, all floors mopped….you get the idea. The thought of returning to a messy house with tons of stuff to do would make my vacation miserable. I don’t think I will ever change this.

  9. Haha thi is hilarious!!! I am a terrible packer too! I start mentally packing a few weeks before and then end up pulling out the suitcase at 9PM the night before when I am too exhausted to concentrate or care what I’m packing and then I hate everything that ends up as options on my trip!!

    I just also read where you put basil by the sink at the rental and set up a bar area and a travel keurig. Hilarious