friday five {aka I have a product problem}

I buy (and use) an unnecessary and excessive amount of products. Hair, body, skin… I have no boundaries. Product hoarders like me rejoice during Sephora’s 15% off promotion. Not to be outdone, Ulta has 20% off… plus 8% cash back on Ebates. THEY ARE GIVING AWAY THE FARM.

In case you need a little motivation…

1. Caudalie Divine Legs


This stuff is great for last minute white leg emergencies. It is a tinted body lotion that adds a little color instantly (I use it on my arms too). Bonus- it smells fantastic unlike sunless tanners. (Side note- SK says I smell like tacos when I get a spray tan.) (Whatever… I love tacos.)

2. Perfekt Matte Body Perfection Gel


I have super pale skin and really blue veins. This is not a good combo as the back of my legs looks like a roadmap. If you are like me and could use a little more coverage, Perfekt is the way to go. A little goes a long way and it isn’t glittery like a lot of instant tanners. Disclosure: It is a very weird consistency… almost like mud. Graham saw me putting it on once and asked why I was rubbing poop on my legs. You have been warned.

From roadmaps to poop legs. If I had any stock it would plummet after this post.

3. Dior Nail Glow


While I am pointing out my flaws it should be known that I cannot paint my own nails. Every time I attempt it, I end up with painted fingers. I have to do a gel nail detox and plan to use this stuff to get me through. It has no color and supposedly leaves your nails with a shiny glow (after two coats). It is expensive but far cheaper than a gel manicure. Or new carpet because man hands spilled the OPI.

4. Stila Kitten


This eye shadow is in the hall of fame. The color looks great on everyone I’ve used it on or recommended it to. Don’t be afraid of the description… it is not pink. Unlike the Jane pink eyeshadow I rocked in the ninth grade because it matched my Caboodle.

The kitten lip gloss is great too.

5. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask


This mask by Bliss is an all time favorite. I use it a couple of times each week and it leaves my skin feeling all tingly and clean. Dare I say energized? I dare not.

Your turn. Do you have a favorite beauty product? Hurry up and spill it, because the sale is over at midnight.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love the Oribe texturizing spray. Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration serum (for my frizzledy ends). Anything by Fresh. And some drugstore stuff: Burt’s Bees lip balm. Neutrogena pore-reducing cleanser, and Neutrogena wrinkle-reducing moisturizer. And from the grocery store: coconut oil — on my lips, hands, legs. It absorbs surprisingly well and is a great moisturizer.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Hope the weather where you are is as great as it is here in Houston. Thanks be to God, spring has sprung!