rain, rain let’s try this a-gain

The week leading up to Halloween was all kinds of busy. We got boo’d by some of our sweet neighbors…


You mustache yourself if your boo basket contained something this cool…


You also mustache yourself if you can pull one off from the church carnival face paint booth…


Please note Wells’ Most Interesting Man in the World face.


I guess the mustache jarred his memory because as soon as we got home, Wells reminded me that we had yet to pay our Boo forward. And that it is bad luck if you don’t. And that it was the last night to make it happen.

So I did what any mother who worked 8 hours then took two children to a church carnival with bouncy houses and 4,000 other kids (while her husband was out of town) and finally got home and changed into pj pants would do…


I gathered up stuff from around our house to keep the bad juju away. If you recognize anything you have gifted me in the bucket, please do not be offended. I had to part with things that I wouldn’t have under ordinary circumstances. Like juice boxes, gum and beer. Yep. I put beer in a boo bucket. (Insert redneck joke here.) In my defense, it was fancy pecan beer. (Sorry SK, but that is what you get for being out of town while I was left to deal with the bad luck boo crisis of 2013.)

The next day was Halloween and it poured all. day. long. The rain finally let up at trick or treat time, but it was a muddy mess. Our neighborhood postponed trick or treating until the following night (because why not?). So, we stayed home, made candy bags and had some friends over. And I made spaghetti. And the boys requested “mo-hawgs.”



Spaghetti and faux hawks on Halloween? It was really bizarre. And also very entertaining.

We got a BOOover the next day. I was extremely thankful we didn’t trick or treat in the rain since my children chose all white costumes this year. I seriously had flashbacks to my wedding.




Plus, the costumes were super thin. I’m talking awkward, wet t-shirt contest material. And everyone knows how I feel about inappropriate children’s costumes…


Yes, little Wowie is wearing fishnet stockings. Forget leggings… Tutus are not pants.


My friend Christy had a lot of folks (pretty much the entire neighborhood) over before trick or treating. I made cupcakes for the party…


Cute, eh? Except Wells stepped on the plastic container they were in on the drive over. I tried to pass them off as “scary,” but I don’t think it worked.

Another nice family organized a hayride, and every ninja and princess this side of the Mississippi showed up for it. I don’t have a good relationship with hayrides. They make me extremely nervous. I walked around stressing out loud about the “hayride of death” to anyone who would listen. If I were the meds type, they would need to be upped on Halloween. When the hayride stopped, the kids all piled off and ran full speed to every house in sight. I am sure the neighbors felt as if they were being looted.





Thankfully, all the children survived. I don’t think the neighbors’ candy fared so well.


You know what is scarier than hayrides? Falling off garbage cans while trying to sneak candy…


And diabetes.

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  1. Dude, working a full day and then coming home to Halloween carnivals, 2 candied up boys, and no hubby…How the hell do you do it?

    It’s got to have something with how friggen cute they are – but really, do share your secrets 😉

  2. your halloween kitty costume?! To die for. That is totally something I would have begged my mom to wear. Except I grew up in Minnesota and it was FREAKING FREEZING on Halloween. No fishnets for this girl!

  3. Your kids are seriously the cutest! It looks like they had a blast, even though it was a day late.. Love the pics of them sorting candy. I took one just like it of my kids..That is the best on Halloween to dump it all on the floor and sort it!
    Btw I love the shirt you are wearing in the pic giving mohawks, can you give the shopping details on it? Thanks Wowie 🙂