{No} Toy Story

Beautiful Laurel of The Lovely Bee asked me to write a post for her series, My Favorite Room. I chose our living room…


Check out my post on The Hive to find out why.

A big thanks to queen bee Laurel for asking me to contribute. If any of you are in the market for gorgeous, hand made stationary, check out her line here or at Arco Avenue. (I especially love the Mississippi note cards.) And speaking of Arco Avenue, have you seen these shoes?


Oh. My. Glitter.

Happy Thursday my friends. If all the stars align, I will be back tomorrow with an overdue Friday Four.

Contain yo’self.

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  1. I love your living room! Elegant yet really comfy. And, I’ve probably said it before, but I’ll say it again, YOU. ARE. HILARIOUS!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.

  2. Oh, that would be my favorite room too! So pretty!

  3. Cute! And I agree, booties are for babies!! Surely SOMEONE could come up with a better name for short boots!! 🙂