friday four

Two posts in two days? Slap me silly, and call me Sally. It must be all the extra time I have since I’ve stopped complaining about how hot it is.


1. Leopard Coat

Since the cooler weather is here (and hopefully to stay), I tried on my Asos leopard coat I ordered a while back.

I was going to send it back because it made me feel like a trapper. Then I posted it on Instagram and made a joke about the little blond one I had already caught behind me…


And then everybody said it was cute, and I decided to keep it. Behold the power of social media.

2. Sam Edelman Louie Fringe Booties

Plus, the coat goes perfectly with these booties I got during the Shopbop friends and family sale. I don’t feel right saying booties. While we are at it, let’s come up with a new name for friends and family sales. As far as I can tell, if you have internet access, you qualify as both. Last time I checked, Saks doesn’t text me about her problems or let me borrow shoes. How about “casual acquaintance that requested to connect on LinkedIn sale” or something like that.


Back to the booties… they rock my socks. I wore them twice this week because they are so comfortable. Plus, my fashionable friend Melissa from work told me they are on the list of top 19 ankle boots for fall. Between that and the coat, I feel sort of cool. But mostly like a pimp.

3. White Pumpkins and Mums


For the past few years I have gone with gray/blue and white pumpkins mixed in with faded orange. This year, I stuck with all white (mums and pumpkins) outside and gray/blue and white inside. I am sort of digging it.


Added this planter from Lowe’s + a white mum between the garage doors…


4. Franken Berry

Pumpkins and mums can only mean one thing. It’s Franken Berry season, baby. It might be my favorite cereal ever.


I once had a boyfriend who brought it to me… like flowers or candy. The way to most girl’s hearts is diamonds. This girl prefers sugar cereal ladened with food dyes and artificial flavors.

Yum. Stock up now. It won’t be around for long.

5 on Friday Logo - Final

Speaking of long, it has been quite a while since I’ve linked up with precious April for a Five on Friday. If you click over to her blog you will see her Friday five plus links to hundreds of other posts. Check it out… especially if you have a lot of extra time on your hands now that you don’t have to complain about how hot it is outside.

5. Eleanor and Park

Y’all. I don’t even know what to say. The downtown lady lawyer book club read this over the summer. I didn’t get around to it, but it got rave reviews. I mentioned it to my neighbor Kara and she read it. And loved it. Then I mentioned it to my neighbor Missy who read it. And LOVED it. I finally read it this week and finished it in two days. I don’t want y’all to think that I get to sit around reading in my jammies all day… I read it at night after the boys were in bed when I should have been sleeping.


It is that good, and I have the bags to prove it. I really hope that the author is working on a sequel. And that Dreamworks is planning on shooting the screenplay in Mississippi so I can sign on as an extra.

Pretty unlikely since the story is set in Nebraska. But it is also set in the 1980s, and I have a feeling we could provide plenty of big hair and booties.

Not big booties. Big hair. And booties.

I really don’t feel right saying booties.

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  1. Cute coat.. Even cuter photobomb!!
    You have the cutest blog EVER.. I’m always late finding my fave Insta girls in blog land!
    Totally stalking your Seaside pics and having flashbacks to standing in a line that stretched from Publix to the Red Bar.

  2. Back in the Dark Ages we called them “ankle boots”. I think it eliminates the misunderstandings that ensue from using the word “bootie” these days. What say you to that?

  3. I second Beth’s “ankle boots” idea. And Franken Berry — never had it! What sugary goodness am I missing out on?!

    (Just added that book to my Kindle wishlist!)

  4. We are all about some Count Chocula in this house!! Digging the boots as well! I caved on a pair of Sam Edelmans (the Petty)…they haven’t let me down yet 😉

  5. You make me giggle out loud! My husband’s favorite cereal of all time is Franken Berry. We bought 4 boxes just the other day and only one is left! Its my guilty pleasure too!! Hope y’all have a fun Halloween!!