On teeth and tonsils…

This July has been quite eventful for Wells Wilder. He lost his first tooth…


It had been loose for a while, and we really dreaded pulling it. Barf. Thankfully, it fell out in his sleep. And praise and glory to the Lord that he didn’t swallow it. He came downstairs with it in this little tooth holder someone gave me at his baby shower. Guess he was tired of seeing it empty on his dresser.


The whole thing disgusted poor G. UNTIL the tooth fairy came…


And then he realized nearly every tooth in his mouth was loose…


He has a pointy “shark tooth”… he said he would need extra cash for it.

Side note. We adopted a little boy named Abdias in Bolivia through Compassion International. When I told the boys, Wells asked when we were going to pick him up. I explained that we were sending him money so he could have more food and clothes. I also told them that Abdias would be super happy to get an ear of corn to eat (unlike the two of them). Graham snuck out and came back with a hand full of change. He said he wanted to send it to Abdias. I almost ugly cried.

Later, we went upstairs and Wells’ piggy bank was on the floor with change everywhere. We all looked at Graham and he was like, “What? I didn’t want Abdias to have to eat disgusting corn.” At least it was for a good cause. And I will be sure to remind Robin Hood to send his shark tooth money to Bolivia.

Earlier this week, Wells had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He was super brave about the whole thing. Probably because he was looking forward to the $30 worth of popsicles and ice cream he talked us into.

In the waiting room at 6 a.m.  Graham was more worried than Wells.  Or maybe he was sleepy.  Or maybe he just wanted the iPad.

In the waiting room at 6 a.m. Graham was more worried than Wells. Or maybe he was sleepy. Or maybe he just wanted the iPad.

Wells only got upset when they told him to put on the hospital gown. I don’t blame him. Those things are inappropriate. Before they took him to the operating room, the nurse gave him something to make him sleepy. While they were wheeling him back, she asked if he had ever been on a bed with wheels. He responded that he had never been crazy enough to break himself. Then he threw a couple of deuces in the air and passed out.


Sweet boy did just fine. The first 24 hours after surgery were a breeze. He slept a lot and said that his throat didn’t hurt. When the nurse called to follow up, she asked how he was doing. I responded, “He seems to be okay and it worries me.” She put me on hold and checked the “crazy mom” box in his file. She explained that the worst was yet to come.




So now we sit and eat ice cream, play legos and take bubble baths. And hope that he doesn’t lose any more of his head in July. Or that I don’t lose mine.

I don’t remember Legos being this hard.

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  1. Oh my gracious. Write a book already! I promise I’ll do all of your PR and marketing (and no, I don’t have degrees in either, but I am good about talking a lot about things I love). I never read a single post of yours where I don’t wish I had a tenth of your wit. Plus, your boys are just so adorable that I can’t even stand it. Love this post, you are the luckiest mom out there to have such awesome boys, and they are lucky boys to have you to fill their life with fun!

    • Now I am ugly crying. Thank you for the sweet words, April. I can’t wait for the book tour so we can hang out. 😉

  2. I agree with A. Liz! Some of your lines I just laugh out loud! Hope Wells is still doing fine!

  3. I just discovered your blog yesterday and have been going back and reading your past posts. Love!!! You have a great sense of humor!

  4. You are so funny! So glad he’s okay after the surgery! I have heard it’s a pretty rough one! Legos and train tracks are prob the most hard thing to build ever. Seriously. Instruction manual is no help at all! xo!