mayday mayday

And just like that, another school year comes to a close. Of course, Graham waited until the last week to decide to dress himself…


I also waited until the last week to have the most genius idea ever. Most mornings this year have looked something like this…


It is super hard to wake them up (not sure where they get that), and get them going. Each morning has consisted of repeated calls (that progress into yells) to get their lazy bums downstairs. Yesterday, I decided to try a different approach and blasted Gangnam Style on the Bose (sorry, neighbors). Within minutes, they were both dancing down the stairs. No one had to yell, they got a little cardio before school and it was extremely entertaining to watch. Talk about a (bad) parenting breakthrough.


Plus, I’m sure their teachers loved being referred to as “sexy lady.” It IS teacher appreciation week so bonus points.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but Wells is reading. All. The. Time. When I was growing up, I loved to read. I would have to hide to do it because my parents were all, “get your face out of the book and go get into trouble or something.” Of course, that made me want to read even more. Well played, parents. I shall follow your lead.


The other night, Graham asked me to marry him. Not right now, he said. Later. I just wanted to squeeze him in half.


He also asked me if I would homeschool him. And he asked when he could start drinking coffee. I didn’t tell him, but the marriage thing is more likely. I mean, this guy and caffeine?


No. Just no.

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  1. You stories just crack me up!!! Too funny!

  2. SO CUTE! Your little ones are precious!