friday four {beach edition}

Finally Friday… whew. Since we are heading to the beach soon, I thought I’d share some of my beach bag necessities.

1. Turkish-T Beach Towels


I love these towels. And you know I am throwing around the word “love” loosely. At least I didn’t say obsessed. They are light weight and come in so many beautiful colors. I also like that you can use them for other things… blanket, bathing suit coverup, table cloth, etc. Get you some.

2. Books


Prior to having children, I would take at least five books on beach vacations. And, I would finish them. Now, I spend the majority of the trip chasing two boys with sunscreen and bug spray. I still like to pack a couple of beach reads in case all the stars align, and I actually get to sit down.

This year I am taking “Z” a novel about Zelda Fitzgerald. It has great reviews and will be fun to read during the summer of Gatsby.

I also recommend “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles.

3. Floppy Hat or Fedora


Big, floppy sun hats are so cute at the beach. They also keep your face shaded, which will keep you from looking like a leather handbag. Bonus points.


Straw fedoras are also a great option. Yes, I realize this is a man’s hat. I have an abnormally large head. I like to think it is because my brain is so big.

4. Baggu Bags


Baggu reusable bags are great to have on hand. They fold up into a little pouch. I always throw a couple in my beach bag. It never fails that we end up coming back with more stuff than we took to the beach. Everything just expands… and my children are magpies. The zipper bags are also great for wet swimsuits. Or sand crabs.

Since I am linking up with A. Liz Adventure’s FIVE on Friday, I will throw in a link to my favorite beach beauty items. Man, I bet you feel like you just won the Powerball.

5. Beach Products

Of course, these things are in addition to sunglasses, tons of sunscreen, snacks and a Stanley thermos of mimosas. I. Can’t. Wait.

Have a great weekend and happy Memorial Day!

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  1. Ok…now you have me wanting to go to the beach!! Love your 4 and I can’t wait to order some of those towels!! Thanks for the links.
    Finally getting around to getting on your blog…love it!

  2. I am glad you posted about things you love for the beach. Those towels are all over the place right now, I need to buy one or two to try out. We leave in a little over a week for white beaches and blue water, I can’t wait! Great post 🙂