merry and bright

I hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas. We had a great visit with family, but as always it passed by too quickly. We have really enjoyed our Christmas decorations this year and are not ready to take them down. Houses just feel cozier with all the twinkly lights and greenery. If it wasn’t such a fire hazard, I’d leave it up until spring. (PSA- don’t take your tree down until after New Year’s Day… It is bad luck if you do. And who wants to start a new year with premature Christmas tree removal bad luck? Not me.)

I’ll be back later to post some Santa pics. I know you are beside yourself with excitement.

PS- If you are out and about and run across these on clearance, make sure you buy some for me. It was voted Best Christmas Candle 2012 (at our house). Go ahead and get one for yourself while you are at it. Promise you will love…

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