Friday Four

Happy Friday! I hope you are having a good week. Wells and Graham are ready for the weekend. School is totally stressing them out. It is week four, and they are already showing signs of burnout. I mean look at them…

Can’t you see it? I know they do a good job of acting like everything is “okay,” but first grade and preschool are hard. Just the other day, Graham and I were discussing K3 drama…

Me: Did you play with little Johnny today?
G: No, Mom! He has a girlfriend. She tells him what to do. Ugh.

Moving on…

1. Star Sweater

Have y’all seen this sweater at Target? I saw it a few weeks ago, but didn’t get it. It kept popping up in my mind and online, so I went back for it. I got a size larger than I normally wear, because let’s face it, I’m not a junior anymore. Wait. Maybe that means I shouldn’t be wearing star sweaters. Too bad. It is cute and comfy, and I am keeping it.

2. Orla Kiely for Method

How cute is this Method hand soap? Another Target find. (Please don’t use this as an opportunity to point out how much time I spend in there, SK). There are also other Method products with limited edition Orla Kiely prints. Why shouldn’t your soap and countertop cleaner be cute? There is no good reason…

3. Gone Girl

This book is a page turner. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. I know everyone says that, but I hid from my kids (in my closet) and stayed up way too late a few nights in a row to finish it. Gillian Flynn did an excellent job. My vote for best book of 2012. You know, because my vote obviously counts.

I don’t want to give too much away, but If they make it into a movie, the tagline should be, And you thought your spouse was crazy…

4. Caliza

We are celebrating SK’s birthday this weekend and having dinner at Caliza in Alys Beach. The restaurant is poolside and last time we were there, the food was fantastic. I cannot wait. Hopefully we can keep Graham out of the pool and we don’t all end up with West Nile.

And, I will not be having scallops.

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  1. I am cracking up (sorry) at your Seaside story! It’s so something that would happen to me 🙂 I really, really want to stay at the VB Inn, but I read online a few months ago that the rooms smelled musty/moldy. Did you notice that?

  2. Your kiddos are adorable!! I love the star sweater! I am headed to Target now to hunt it down! I bought Gone Girl last week but haven’t started it for fear that I will be up all night reading and then not able to function the next day(I did this with the 50 shades books too!)…Can’t wait to start it though! Happy Wednesday! xo

  3. I’ve been looking for a new book to read. Maybe this is it! You are too funny… your comments on the star sweater. It’s really cute. I notice in your first pic your front door in the back. I’m assuming that is your front door? Your paint color looks like our color that is being put on the house right now and i’m wanting to get a door just like that….would love to know your thoughts on it and possibly see a better pic with the paint. Please don’t think i’m a stalker.

    • Ha! I don’t think you are a stalker. I will take a better picture and email it to you. I love the door. It has to be re-stained every few years which is a pain… other than that, no complaints. Try the book… I think you will like!

  4. Love the kids and their uniforms, love your front door (it looks like Hilary’s, except that hers always has Wriggley and Presley’s nose prints in the lower windows, and love the stuff you find and share from Target. However, I will take issue with your choice of reading material. Last year I took your advice and read “ROOM” . When I was finished I was wishing it had been named “BROOM” because right after I whacked you on the butt with my broom, I would have swept it out to sea. All I could do after that for an entire week was think about the ‘room’…..and how nasty it had to have geen and how filthy the mommy and kid had to have been and how corkscrewed the keeper had to have been……..and I wanted to turn back the clock and not read it. That, girlie, was not a book for the faint of heart, or me.

    Now, you have dangled “GONE GIRL” before my old eyes and I am actually attempting to get a cheap, but readable, hard back copy (for my library, don’t cha know?) for my reading and lolling pleasure this weekend when we have Mrs. King (from Wednesday night through Monday morning). While we are there, it is early to bed (like 8:30) and late to read (like til 2 am because I can’t sleep in any bed except my very own and an occasional one when we are on vacation and that is only because I am exhausted at the end of vacation days) and early to rise (that would be 6:30), so having something that I won’t be able to put down will be a plus for me. Do I write run-on sentences? I am sure any English teacher worth her salt would say I do. Pay her no mind.

    Anywho, if I take the time to find, spend the money to buy and actually read without putting down “GONE GIRL” and it keeps me from sleeping because it is so crazy and dark, then you, girl, wil be gone from my Tupperware Party Invitation List……………just sayin……..

    BTW, check out Lindsey’s FB pictures of the kid and the kid-on-the-way………and all her crafty crafts,

    Love ya!


    • Hmmmmm. I think Gone Girl might be a little too dark for you. You will not be able to put it down, but you will also never forgive me for recommending it. Maybe you should try 50 Shades of Grey. It is such a feel good read… nothing too dark or disturbing.

      I am totally kidding. Try Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. You will like, and I will remain on your Tupperware list.

      Tell Lindsey I think about her every single day. Love you both.