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Happy leap day. SK is in NYC, so I thought I would use my extra day to catch up on some unfinished reading. I love to read, and I am in two book clubs (three if you count mine and Ms. Donna’s). Plus, I end up picking up other books along the way. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of time to read, so I end up getting behind and then moving on to the next book on the list before I am done. And I am not talking read a couple of pages and move on… I have read a substantial amount of most of these books. Here is my pending pile…

Wowzers. I should have taken a picture of my completed pile so you wouldn’t think I am a total slacker. Maybe If I had finished the orange book in the middle of the stack, I wouldn’t be in this predicament. Oh well, I don’t think I am going to knock all these out tonight. Maybe I can wrap them up by next (leap) year.

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  1. theres that, the hunger games, book ive been looking for.

  2. I like that Getting Things Done is right in the middle of your stack. Perhaps you should move it to the top!!