As you know by now, I am a product junkie. I don’t discriminate. Hair, skin, makeup… you love it, I’ll try it. My favorite salon recently began carrying Arimino Peace styling products from Japan. My sweet friend/stylist Kristy talked SK into buying me a bag full after his last haircut. LOVE her. How cute is this packaging? Warning: the labels are in Japanese.

At my last appointment, Kristy gave me a tutorial on how to use the line. She applied the Caretrico Oil (1) to my hair after she towel dried it. Next, she used the White Milk (2) all over my hair. To add volume, she applied the Chocolate Whip (3) at the roots. After my blow out, she applied the Cafe Au Lait Spray (4).

I know you think they smell like a Starbucks, but the names are misleading. The products all have a nice, clean non-food smell. My hair felt super smooth and the blow out lasted a couple of days. I am obsessed. Here is the final product…

Only seventeen salons are currently carrying Peace products in the U.S. Can you believe one of them is in Jackson, Mississippi? If you are local, stop by Barnette’s and give it a try. Let me know what you think. Peace out girl scout.

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  1. That is one awsome looking head of hair, if I do say so myself!

  2. Love these products, and one of the salons in my area, in Tulsa, OK, is carrying them! They have had them for a couple of years and I love the products!!