Hi. My name is Wowie, and I was up at 4 am watching the royal wedding. And, I might have shed a couple of tears. There, I said it. Kate, excuse me, Princess Kate, looked beautiful. Her dress was perfect, and I especially loved the lace. (Probably because my wedding dress had a lace overlay.) I know a lot of people will criticize it because it wasn’t “modern.” But, that is what made it so lovely. It was classic and timeless and she didn’t look as if she was trying at all. She reminded me of photos of Grace Kelly on her wedding day.

I enjoyed watching it, but also felt guilty at times. There are so many people on our side of the pond that are hurt and devastated from this week’s storm outbreak. We are so blessed that our families were not affected, and we pray for those who were. I know God’s grace will sustain them through this extremely difficult time.

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