lots of pink and nakedness

This shall be a very random post. I have lots (of nothing) to cover. Let us begin.

It was a very rainy weekend. MawMaw Sarah came to visit, and we went to dinner at Tico’s. Guess who I spotted on the wall of sort of celebrities?

I do declare! Is that our ex yard guy? Yes. Yes it is.

In case you are wondering, that is not what he wore while cutting our grass. He also wore a cap. Moving on. I’ve put off doing my laundry for weeks. Here I am pouting on the massive pile and covered in half naked babies. I think they want to be yard guys when they grow up.

Today G and I knocked it all out. He is very helpful in the laundry department. He puts on as many pieces as he can, then tells me he is going to work.

Last weekend we went to Stringer. Lily got a new puppy, and Wells was smitten.

Nan’s Japanese Magnolias were blooming. And apparently there was a pink shirt memo.

One last thing. I recently finished this book, and thought I would share. It got great reviews, and I really enjoyed it. Click here for more info.

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