I had to work a bit this weekend.  Just between you and me, I sort of enjoyed it.  Not the work so much, but the cozy environment I created.  I mean, if you have to work on the weekend, you should at least trick yourself into thinking it is fun, right?  Seda France Malaysian Bamboo candle… check.  Ingrid Michaelson via Pandora… check.  Island Coconut coffee… check.  Life is short, and a great deal of it is filled with things we don’t particularly love.   Why not try to make the most of every minute?  Maybe candles and coffee aren’t your thing, but you know what you are into.  (No, I don’t need details, freak).

What are you looking at?

I hope you had a lovely weekend…

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  1. wow…is that 10 column work papers you got going on there? tell bruce it aint the 80s anymore.