the grapes of wrath

Last week, school was cancelled because of the weather. The boys hung out in their pjs most of the day and waited for snow.

And then it snowed! They both asked me to fetch the snowball makers Santa brought last Christmas. Too bad it only lasted five minutes and didn’t stick.


They were snow disappointed. 

The next day, I got a call that Graham had gotten sick during cooking class. I tried to blame it on raw cookie dough or something, but his teacher told me a bug was going around. Uncle Scott was visiting from Seattle. (Or as G calls him, “My long lost cousin Uncle Scott.”) He flew south for the winter only to end up “snowed in” a house full of stomach virus. No wonder he waits so long between visits.


So, Graham was pitiful, and I did what any concerned parent would do. I stocked up on 100% grape juice.

I’m not sure if it is scientific fact or superstition, but people swear by the stuff. Graham told me all his teachers drink it, and that they never catch the stomach bug.

I pumped the healthy members of the family full of it, and no one else got sick. Whew.

Yesterday, I got an email from Graham’s teacher that five more kids in her class had stomach virus. When I picked G up from school he told me that a little boy (who was sick last week) threw up again during class. Off we went to the Krogers to purchase more juice.

Might I add that this little experiment reminded me how delicious grape juice is. Just last night, Wells and I discussed how we both need more of it in our lives… virus or not.


Fast forward to 2 a.m. and the harsh wake up call of an eight year old barfing his brains out.

Now, there isn’t much worse than seeing your child sick. Except maybe seeing your child sick and puking purple on the stairs. You know. The stairs with the beige runner.

Lucky for Wells (and the rest of us), school was cancelled again today. He got to rest up and thankfully feels much better.

In conclusion, when the grape juice works, it works. But when it doesn’t, you do… for hours… scrubbing carpet.

I will never drink grape juice again.

Um, unless wine is considered grape juice.

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  1. oh no!! I was hoping you weren’t going to say that. White grape juice would be better but I don’t think it tastes as good. Hope you got the stains out and the boys are feeling better!

  2. I, too, have heard of the grape juice trick and did exactly as you mentioned, drank a glass (or maybe 3) of red wine to ward off the evil virus. I mean, wine is from grapes, so, its practically the same thing as grape juice, right?! It didn’t work. And I wouldn’t suggest trying it. Ha.

  3. See….now, I was loving this post (minus the sickness parts) when you were praising grape juice. I drink a bottle of Welch’s 10oz juice each morning with my banana on the way to work. (Although I dilute it with water – 50% juice / 50% water – to cut down on the sugar / sweetness.) And my FAVE has been the grape juice (other flavors in the pack I buy are apple juice and pineapple apple orange something or other). Anyway, now grape juice = UGH. Thanksssssss a lot. Hahahahaha. Guess I have fun stuff like this to look forward to with Conner boy. . . Thanks, as always, for keepin’ it real! Happy weekend!

  4. Poor kids! I’ve never heard the grape juice theory. May have to try it. Here in Alabama, we’ve only had 1 “regular ” school week in 2015 (due to snow, ice, threat of snow, and thoughts of there might be snow sometime so we’ll cancel just in case. Lol but true)

  5. Ahhh! My one year old has this stomach virus (on his birthday!) I just sent my husband to buy grape juice. Hope your boys are on the mend!