friday four (if I had a million dollars)

1. If I had a million dollars, I’d buy this outfit to wear to the Mississippi State game. Not that they have one this week. And not that I went there. But, this is a very hypothetical post. Let’s just have fun with it.


2. I also need this for the Ole Miss game…


Pretty sure that is a Janessa Leone hat. Pretty sure a million dollars wouldn’t cover the cost of the head reduction surgery required for me to wear it. You know what they say; large head, hats don’t fit. Or something like that.

3. I’d also buy every color in this pant (the AG Stevie). I would call them jeans, but I like to wear them to work. And, well, we can’t wear jeans to work. I have a couple of pairs already, and they are the best. Not low rise, not high rise, not too stiff. They are the perfect length to tuck in boots or to wear with booties or flats. Closest thing I’ve found to pajama jeans. Er, I mean pants.


4. Please don’t think I am going to leave y’all out. I would buy everyone a pair of these Sam Edelman booties. Very cute and oh so comfortable. Nobody wants their bootie to hurt. Plus, you can flip them up or down to accommodate your jeans or dresses.


Or your work pants. So, what would you spend your million on? Please don’t say world peace or a cure for ebola because that would make me feel super bad about my choices.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOVE that maroon outfit. LOVE.

    I’d probably buy a Birkin and a new car and a bunch of wildly impractical clothes that I’d have nowhere to wear, so I’d end up wearing ’em to Kroger. I’m pretty sure that 1M wouldn’t come close to funding world peace or a cure for ebola, so we may as well look cute?! That’s my story, and I”m stickin’ to it.

  2. That maroon outfit – tres ON POINT & so very Amal Clooney!

    My current gentlman suitor and I had this conversation after buying (and subsequently not winning) a very lucrative powerball a few weeks ago. Wed dropped everything, charter a jet and go to the Four Seasons on Florence where we’d take pasta classes, drink copious amounts of wine & make that spa our bitch. It could happen!

  3. I’m with ya, Wowie. I’d spend the money on lookin’ GOOOOOOOOOOOD. And, well, maybe some of it on doing some good somewhere. But, oh, how I’d love a great big LV tote.

  4. Is it ridiculous that I’d spend my million as far as it would go so that I could have someone change my sheets daily? I LOVE CLEAN, FRESH SHEETS!

    Or PB Oreos. Real talk. I’d stock up because I know they’re going to take those beauties out of their lineup sooner or later.

  5. The last time I went to a State game my friend got thrown up all over by a drunken State fan. So if you spend a mil on that first outfit, watch where you sit.

  6. Gurrrlllll, Givenchy boots. I die for them. and….. a farm. with a baby animal petting zoo. Not weird at all.
    Xo, e

  7. I bought deer antlers at the Rusty Chandelier. Really. My daddy used to have them lying around everywhere, and now they’re all chic.