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After all the terrible weather this past week, looks like we are going to have a beautiful weekend. Speaking of, please keep all the good folks in Mississippi who were affected by the storms in your prayers.

1. The Cause

If you would like to help by shopping for a new pair of kicks, Arco Avenue is donating 100% of sales (through tomorrow) to Lousiville tornado victims. You can help others by helping yourself to a new pair of shoes. Win.

2. The Lounge

I mentioned a while back the need to recover the cushions on our screened porch. (Thanks for the input… it was much appreciated!) I am happy to report that I have made zero progress. Can’t. Make. A. Decision.

I did however order these chaise lounge chairs… Wicker Chaise Lounge in Light Brown.



We had a dining table on our patio until we figured out the mosquitos were enjoying their dinner more than we were. We moved the table to the screened porch and the patio was empty last summer. We thought about doing adirondack chairs, but I really wanted a place to stretch out and soak up some sun (under an umbrella and slathered with SPF 50). I had an issue with the first set I ordered, but Amazon replaced them. I couldn’t be happier with the second set. Unless they were sitting next to a grass bordered pool. Or the Gulf of Mexico.

3. The Palms

I picked up this bikini at Target a few weeks ago, and I love it.

Can’t you see it peeking out of my tank top? No? Here’s a better shot…


I really wanted some pillows in this print for the new lounge chairs but that would require much time and effort. This is way easier.

4. The Island


If you need a great book for the beach or pool (or your backyard lounge chairs), I highly recommend On the Island. I read the entire thing in less than 24 hours… it is that good.

5. The Entertainment

It is difficult to keep kids entertained so you can take a few minutes to shop online, lounge, sun, read. I know this. I also know that kids love Rocket Balloons. Seriously… keeps them busy for minutes. Possibly an hour.


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  1. Love the new chaises. Looks like the perfect place for a book and a glass of wine. I’m adding that book to my list – thanks!

  2. That bikini … le sigh. Love. And just in case you get the itch — I have scoped out pillow covers before on Etsy in that exact print. If you get the urge to seek some out, I know they are there 🙂 Sorry SK for contributing to the depletion of household funds 😀

  3. Ok,so I know that we’ve always had similar tastes, but this is downright creepy. Those are the exact same chairs I have on my Amazon wishlist. And the pillows, those are from Ballard design,no? The same ones I picked out. I think I should just hire you as my personal shopper!

    • Maybe it’s because you posted the chairs on Pinterest AND I ordered them that day. I would love to be your personal shopper… just keep posting things we both like and I’ll order two of everything. 😉 The pillows are from TJ Maxx and are not outdoor fabric… gonna be a problem.

  4. Hi! I have been thinking about getting that swimmy too.. How is the sizing??

  5. Looove your blog! Stumbled across it a while back and still call my husband a dirty pilgrim from time to time 😉 I’d like to think we’d get along famously, even though I’m a West Coaster with bad hair, short legs, and an extreme California “accent.”

    Also love what appears to be a dainty gold (disc?) necklace that you have layered with your beautiful horseshoe necklace- are you willing to share the origin of that smaller necklace? Keep up the wonderful writing!