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Got some wonderful news this week from a very dear friend. I am overjoyed for her and her husband. Seriously. I am walking around singing in my Disney princess voice and tee teeing rainbows. So happy!

1. Polka Dot Skinny Jeans


You know what else is happy? These perky polka dot pants from Target. Yes, they are from the junior section. I realize I’m not a junior, but I couldn’t resist them. On one hand they are all polka dotted and sweet and on the other they are all ripped up and sassy. I did go up a couple of sizes because, as my niece Lily always says, “They are skinny jeans… not make you skinny jeans.” Words to live by, friends.

2. Michelle Rhodes Horseshoe Necklace


Lots of you have asked about my horseshoe necklace. Probably because I wear it every single day. It is by Atlanta based jewelry designer Michelle Rhodes. They carry her pieces locally at Barnette’s and are hoping to get more in soon. A little birdie told me she may be featured in an upcoming issue of Lucky. Horseshoe necklace? Lucky? It just makes sense.


3. Charlie Goes to School


Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) recently released a new children’s book. She was at Lemuria signing copies, so the boys and I went to meet her. While we were patiently (HA!) waiting in line, a local news channel interviewed Wells and Graham.


Earlier in the week, Graham informed us that he does not want to be referred to as “G” anymore… “from now on, call me Graham Sexy.” I can’t and I won’t and I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff. When the reporter asked him his name I held my breath and prayed to the good Lord above that he would not give his new rapper name. Miracles happen because he told the guy his name was Graham and then spelled it G-R-H-R-M-R-A. We need to work on that. Anyway, they made the ten o’clock news, and let’s just say they thought it was “cool.”


After feeding them chips for dinner, bribing them with new books and rationing drinks so they wouldn’t have to go to the restroom, we finally made it to the front of the line. Sweet Ree was just as nice as she could be. The kids apparently thought we hit it off, because they asked me to text her when we got back to the car.

4. Cheetah Print Nikes


I asked Santa to bring me a pair of these for Christmas. I know it is a little early (Hello… no red Starbucks cups yet), but I needed to be sure Santa was informed in case they sell out. Plus, they will surely help with the standard New Year’s resolution. If pink and navy plus animal print can’t get me in the gym, nothing will.

5. Homeland


The season three premiere of Homeland is Sunday night, and I am fired up. This show contradicts everything I typically like in a TV show… it’s not funny, it’s not reality, no one dances or sings AND it is about terrorists. I don’t even like the main characters. I would love to slap Carrie Mathison in the face, and don’t even get me started on Brody (or his hateful, slumped over teenage daughter). Plus, I am nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs every time I watch it, BUT I CAN’T STOP WATCHING IT. Do any of you watch it? I know I didn’t present a very strong case (or any case), but it really is a fantastic show.

Thanks, April, Darci and the gang for another fun Five on Friday link up!

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  1. I mean, I think Graham could be the star of a 1-man show. The next Disney star??

  2. Your kids are too cute! As long as he’s not spelling his name like that on his first date…I think you’ll be ok 🙂

  3. In love with those jeans and counting the minutes till Homeland is on, summer TV was the pits. Your boys are too cute!

  4. You should be more concerned…. your children are lacking personality.

    I flipping love me some Homeland. I’m traveling for work, and I’m going to miss it Sunday. One of the many reasons I shouldn’t be forced into employment.

    You giving up the deets on the necklace makes up for the previous PSL bashing.

    Happy weekend!

  5. you are so precious!! found your blog on the linkup. can i just say that i am OBSESSED with homeland too?! just moved from charlotte, nc, and am that annoying show watcher that’s like “i know where this/that is!!!” but i meaaaan….i did see claire danes in her apt building once! ha!! 😉

    anyway…enough about that. so glad i found your blog (and your new awesome polka-dot pants…AWESOME.)


  6. I have those shoes in the same color and LOVE them! Highly recommend them! Have a great weekend!

  7. You are so stylish. Good thing I don’t live nearby or I’d be stealing from your closet. I’d probably take the kiddos along with me as well. 😉