weekend treat

Yesterday morning before church, we made homemade donuts. When I was a little girl, my mama or daddy would make them every now and then for a special treat. I had not had them in years. My kids had never had them, which was the perfect excuse for making them. You start with a can of “whack ’em” biscuits. You know… because you have to whack them on the counter to open them. I thought everyone called them that, but SK said no.

Next, get your little helpers to cut a hole out of the center (using a lid).

Heat some oil in a pan (I chose one with high sides so it wouldn’t be so messy) over medium heat. Drop the “donuts and holes” in and cook until brown. You will need to flip them over once while cooking.

Sprinkle (or dump) powdered sugar on them and enjoy. They were as good as I remembered.

Also, I updated my “about” page. What? It only took two and a half years.

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  1. i happen to love this post! and was JUST talking about these donuts over the weekend. might be my little nudge to do it for mp!

    and, hay, i love your “about”, too! and i also love that fab pic of you and the fab photog who took it!

    LOVE your blog, sister!

  2. my mom used to make these too. my dad always called the bisquits “wop” bisquits cuz you wop ’em on the counter to open them.

  3. Um… delicious! I have to try this! We moved this summer and moved away from our favorite donut shop. My kids will LOVE this.

  4. SO glad you posted this! I have been craving donuts for the past 2 weeks and so many people have been posting their donut pictures only to heighten my craving. These seem easy enough for me! And I’m obsessed with the new picture on your About page!

  5. I think it is very “cool mom” of you to give G a straw to drink his coffee with his donuts. 🙂