Nine years ago today, SK and I tied the knot. In a way, it seems not that long ago. In other ways, it seems like forever. A lot has happened since then… new jobs, houses and babies. Plus, serious illnesses and the loss of a parent (SK’s Dad). When I was looking through our wedding pictures, it was so strange how few of our friends back then are still close friends now. And, how so many important people in my life today didn’t even know me then. Whoa. This is getting deep.

We got married outside, so in true Wowie fashion, it rained. Like really rained. The first thing you hear on our wedding video is ominous thunder. Quite comical now, but not so much when it was actually happening. In my mind, everything was ruined. I locked myself in the bathroom and threatened to crawl out the window. Drama. Luckily, it let up and we were able to have the (slightly delayed) ceremony. I walked down the aisle to Moon River because I love the melody and was determined to make the wedding my own. Like the wedding program printed on fans and the flowers in my hair didn’t get the point across… wow. Steve’s Dad performed the service, and it was short and sweet. What? We were working between super cells, people. Lucky for us, the rain didn’t return. The reception was lovely (first dance, Crazy Love), and the remaining guests (it is hard to keep folks at a booze-free Baptist reception) lit sparklers as we left for our honeymoon.

me and my knight in shining armor... and sk

We went to the Windsor Court in New Orleans for a few days and then on to Jamaica. On the way to New Orleans, I absolutely lost it in the limo. I’m talking, full out, hot mess craziness. I’m sure SK was thinking, “Oh man… I’ve married an ugly crier. How am I going to get out of this?” I just started thinking about how much work went into everything and how quickly it had gone by. I also felt really bad because we left behind friends and family that had traveled to be with us on our wedding day. AND, the caterer forgot to pack stuffed mushrooms in our to-go basket. At some point, SK let the privacy window up, so the poor driver didn’t have to listen to my bawling any longer. I pulled it together, but to this day, SK cringes when I mention it. Sure he won’t cringe at all when he realizes I posted it on the internet.

Happy Anniversary, Stevie baby. You are the nicest guy I know, and I am so thankful that you put up with me. I love you tons and promise not to ugly cry if you want to take me to New Orleans for our anniversary. Hiiiiiiinnnnt hint.

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  1. Your wedding was beautiful! However, the one thing I will always remember (and you may not have even known) is that while we were seated waiting for the ceremony to start, I felt something on my foot. I thought it was just some wet grass. I looked down and a green snake was crawling across my shoe! I screamed and kicked the shoe off, which went flying across the aisle. Thankfully, the ceremony hadn’t started yet.

    As for the rain – I know how you feel. I was really upset it rained on my wedding day too. Oh well. Not everything can go according to plan.

    Hope you are having a great summer!

  2. I did hear about that. Thank goodness it was weeks later. Otherwise, I WOULD have gone out the bathroom window!

  3. I, too, remember the bridal snake, and Buffi’s rain dance as she kicked her wedding footwear right into the air after old no shoulders tickled her tooties. It was quite a sight and I was a bit perturbed with Bufkin just a little bit for making such a scene and taking the attention away from the wedding atmosphere and calling it to herownself. But, when I realized she had only acted out of fear for her very own life, I totally agreed with her swift actions. As soon as everythig settled down, we all commenced to fanning ourownselves, glad that it was not ourown toes over which the hand puppet of Satan had slithered.

    I also agree that you wsere a beautiful bride, Steve was a good lookin’ groom, and the punch was very cool and thirst quenching.

    Sometimes I think back on the crazy times you and LinLin had together and wish I could turn back the clock…….


  4. I cannot believe it has been 9 years. I had just met Jimmy and he was at another wedding that day. Anyway, you were the most beautiful bride and Moon River was perfect. I have always heard that rain on a wedding day is good luck. Now that I think of it, it rained on my own wedding day….Congrats and wishing you many more!