Death and Taxes

One of my resolutions for 2017 was to blog more. I feel really good about it. Unlike my other resolution… to not turn forty. I really didn’t have much choice on forty, as the alternative was a total downer.

(Before you start patting me on the back for my follow through, you should know I’m only blogging now to avoid doing my taxes.)

I started doing reformer Pilates in the last year in an attempt to strengthen my core before the osteoporosis sets in. I really enjoy it. Probably because I am horizontal through most of the class and can pretend I get to nap at the end. A few weeks after my birthday, I noticed my right leg was numb. Completely numb. I told a friend about it and she convinced me it was blood clot. After four doctor visits, blood work and a vigorous round of nerve conduction tests, I was diagnosed with a Pilates injury. I hurt my back trying to strengthen my back. My sister said that’s what I get for working out. She doesn’t, and her legs feel just fine.

Today I attended a CPE seminar at a country club here in town. I must say I got a little jealous of all the fabulous ladies drinking wine spritzers in their tennis outfits. They were probably equally jealous of the accounting and auditing update I received. Probably.

Also me: *wants to feel my leg*

I really don’t think one can be considered a trophy wife at forty. Unless one is married to an eighty year old.

Hey, as long as he can drive at night. And file his own taxes.


  1. Glad to hear from you, cyberspace style!! Hope the feeling in your leg comes back; but here’s where it comes in handy to NOT be married to an 80-year old — an 80yo can’t, or won’t, bring you a glass of wine!

  2. Well well well, look who is blogging 😛

    Try to find a Polestar Pilates trained studio… it has nothing to do with poles, sadly. It does focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Can’t be hurting yourself trying to help yourself!!

  3. so good. always. how much can I pay you to grace us with your presence more often?

  4. I LOVE your blog, so I’m glad to see an update! I suggest seeing a chiropractor for the leg numbness. I’m a chiropractor and that is something we see all the time! Let me know if you’d like a suggestion, I know a few in Mississippi!

  5. If you figure out that independent woman AND the trophy wife thing… share the secret, I feel that way myself! Glad to catch you back at blogging. Here I just came on to look up which dry shampoo you use…

  6. Your posts and Instagram posts crack me up!! I would’ve said in “insta” but I didn’t want to seem like I’m trying too hard 🙂