friday four

I don’t want to be one of those people but thank God it is Friday. This week about did me in. Nothing in particular or particularly bad, just the same “too busy” as everyone else. The load always feels heavier the first few weeks of school, doesn’t it?

And it doesn’t help that Graham decided he is ready to call it quits. “First grade would be fine if it wasn’t for all the work.”

It’s going to be a long (hopefully no more than) twelve years.

Friday Four

1. Ice Ice Baby

I like to keep our outside freezer stocked with popsicles so the neighborhood kids think I’m cool. This past spring I picked up Wyler’s Italian Ices instead of the usual Fla-Vor-Ice. At some point over the summer I tried one and immediately hid the rest on the top shelf. They are so good. Like, can’t stop eating them, hide all the wrappers good. I’m not really a popsicle person so I thought it might just be the 100 degree temps getting to me. Nope. My friend Keena texted me and told me I needed to try them while I was eating one. She confirmed what I already knew and we devised a strategy to purchase all remaining boxes in the metro Jackson area.

You think I am kidding.


I sort of wish I was. Wells and Graham got embarrassed when I climbed up the Walmart shelf to get the boxes at the back.

I also cleaned out Big Lots in Laurel. Wells told me he thinks I have a problem.


Popsicles are seasonal, people. I have to stock up now or I won’t make it through the winter.

And no, I do not share these with the neighborhood kids. Or my own kids.

2. Hope these Birks are still Enstock

After ordering two pairs of the same sandal (in different colors), I promised myself I would lay off the Amazon Prime shoes for the summer. I broke it like a boss the second I saw these Birkenstocks.


They got me with the gold fringe. I tried to find a photo wearing them but this is the best I could come up with…


Ninety nine percent of the photos I am in look identical to the one above. What am I looking at? Why doesn’t the person with the camera give a little warning? Why are my nostrils flared? Why doesn’t someone make me wash my hair?

I will say the shoes are a littttttle noisy. That fringe clangs and sounds like a gypsy woman in a belly dancing class.

But they are cute and comfortable. (Just don’t try to sneak up on anyone while wearing them.)

3. Philodendrons are the New Fiddle Fig


I love a fiddle leaf fig as much as the next person. They look fabulous but are hard to keep happy. I’m too high maintenance to have house plants that are also. I got this split leaf philodendron at Home Depot and I love it. It’s so pretty and doesn’t lose leaves if I raise my voice or look at it funny. I think we are going to be very happy together.

4. Apples are Overrated

The boys like to give their teachers a happy when they meet for the first time. You’ve heard enough about my kids to know this isn’t a bad idea. I usually send a bud vase filled with spray roses, but they wanted something different this year. I filled a little Peter’s Pottery (made in Mound Bayou, MS) punch cup with gold paperclips.



I definitely wouldn’t mind having one on my desk. Not that I would be able to see it for all the popsicle wrappers.

I’m linking up with A Liz. and the gang for Five on Friday. Um, even though I am one short.


Hang in there and have a great weekend!

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  1. I think you’ve convinced me to try those popsicles. If there are any left in the Southeast 😉

  2. I love Peters Pottery and any student who brought me a piece would be my absolute favorite. My mom gives me a new piece for Christmas every year.

  3. Well. I can honestly say I have NEVER thought about getting Birkenstocks. Until now. Those babies are CUUUUUTE!! And as soon as the sun comes up this morning, I’m heading out on a search for those popsicles!

  4. I used to own like three pairs of Birkenstocks back years ago and sold them. Now they are back in style. Even my daughter who is in high school loves them! Too funny. And I like your gold paperclips idea!

  5. I wish I could stock up on snowcones the way you did on those popsicles!

  6. LOOOOOOVE that philodendron!!! Looks awesome! We just closed in our screened in porch, so I think this will be a nice addition to it.

  7. If your kid brought me McCarty they’d get all the A’s.

  8. Yep! Best popsicle EVER!!!!!!!!!!! My stash is getting dangerously low…. I sure hope the Wal-Marts in our area have restocked. Oh yeah… and I heard the new Sam’s carries a box of like 90! I’ll pick us up a couple….. Last at least until the Spring! 😉

  9. I bought some Wyler’s popsicles a few weeks ago at Dollar General. They were really goood!

  10. So I went to Walmart and bought the last two boxes of the Italian Ices they had on the shelf, told my 17 year old daughter I heard from my “friend” they were really good, and she ate 4! They ARE good! Not telling my 11 year old son about them though… 😉