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Happy Friday. Someone (you know who you are) told me that they weren’t fond of my Friday Five posts. So I assumed the rest of you didn’t care for them either. Then last night at our neighborhood Christmas get together two someones requested I write them more often. Sorry someone #1. You’ve been outvoted.

I read something online the other day about “surviving” Christmas. Isn’t that the silliest thing you’ve ever heard? Can’t you just picture God looking down on all our crazy and thinking, “I sent my only son to Earth to die on a cross. I’m realllly sorry for all the stress it causes YOU.”

There is stress during the holidays, but I think we bring most of it on ourselves. Trees have to be perfect (the finger is pointing at me because we went to three lots before I found one I liked), thoughtful gifts need to be purchased (the five year old is asking for a hot tub again this year) and cards need to be sent.


And then there’s the elf. People complain about how much work it is but that punishment and pain is self inflicted.

Parties, gifts and decorations are supposed to be fun. If you find yourself trying to “survive,” just skip it. All that stuff is not what it is really about anyway.

What a debbie downer lead in. Now I’ll never get elected captain of the CHRISTMAS CHEERleader squad. *Christmas Spirit Fingers*

1. Peppymint


If I do find myself on the outskirts of crazy town, I use a little of this Now Peppermint Oil. I know you think that sounds like a bunch of hippie dippie bologna, but it works. Plus it makes our house smell wonderful. I like to use it in a diffuser or put a few drops in the corner of the shower (great for sinus congestion too).

2. The Greats of Bath


These AHAVA Lavender Dead Sea Salts are wonderful. So wonderful that my kids are fighting about who gets to soak in the tub first. The lavender scent is very calming so I just throw both of them in there at the same time and it all works out.

Maybe Santa will bring the hot tub and we can all soak together.

3. Oil No You Didn’t


This time of year my skin gets terribly dry. Probably from all those peppermint oil showers and long lavender baths. For years I’ve used Neutrogena Sesame Oil. I keep it in the shower and use it before I dry off. I know…TMI. Just didn’t want anyone to think it would be effective in the aforementioned diffuser.

4. Mask and Ye Shall Receive


I have to switch to a heavier night time moisturizer in the winter. Just call me Ashy Olsen. I started using this Énergie De Vie Overnight Mask from Lancome about a month ago, and I love it. Which means it will probably be discontinued. Get it while you can.

5. Peppermint SNAPS


I am embarrassed to share this one since I tend to side eye OMG PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES. But it is sugar free and delicious, and I feel for peppermint what most feel for pumpkin.


So I really had no choice but to buy three bags of Candy Cane Pretzel Flats at Whole Foods last week. Straight up pretzel and peppermint perfection. If they will let me exchange the blown out brining bag for more of these, I promise to share.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yay for Friday Fives! I am an Neutrogena fan myself – love the sesame body oil! I also love the gold hammered flower pot in the back ground above. I recently saw something similar on Pinterest. So pretty.

    • Thanks Samantha. It is from good ole Antho. I got them a couple of years ago with my birthday discount. I threw that in so I would feel better about buying flower pots at Anthropologie.

  2. GASP! Who doesn’t love Five on Fridays?!?
    Wondering if that oil will help with my 26-weeks-into-pregnancy-stretch marks? No? At least I’d smell good.

  3. I am a third vote for loving the friday 5 favorites so keep coming! And I especially enjoyed the Lego movie reference

  4. Count me in as a Friday-Five lover! This one really speaks my love language with the peppermint. And I LOVE your comment about what God must be thinking about all this nonsense we’ve done to ourselves about Christmas. Love ya, girl. Love your blog.

  5. Love your five on Fridays & your blog! I couldn’t agree with you more, we bring much holiday stress on ourselves! If we don’t spread ourselves too thin running here and there and everywhere, we can sit back and enjoy our warm cozy home and remember why we are celebrating in the first place!!

  6. I saw those peppermint pretzels at Whole Foods the other day and thought they looked amazing, but managed to resist temptation and didn’t bring them home with me. Of course hearing how amazing they are definitely makes me regret that decision a bit.

  7. Actually loved that intro Debbie (jk so far from debbie downer) I’m off to go moisturize my dry winter skin!

  8. Love any of your posts — especially the 5 on Fridays!

  9. Love the Friday 5…keep it going…it is always nice to see the wonderful stuff that works so well for you. I have tried some of your suggestions and they are great.

  10. Just say “Yes” to cutting out stress! I did. So, don’t feel left out when you don’t get a Christmas card this year (no one did)!

    And, WHO doesn’t love your Friday Five? Most of my make up drawer is stocked with your suggestions! Keep it up!

    • Thanks D. Your adorable kids are greatly missed on my card wall. I guess I will just have to camp out in your pool house so I can see them. 😉

  11. I love your Friday Five. I love all of your posts!