friday, friday why you buggin’

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. Tomorrow is Saturday!

And I feel the need to share some things I’m digging this week.

1.Big Little Lies


My sassy friend Kara turned me on to this book. I have stacks and stacks of unfinished books to read, so the last thing I needed was another one. Luckily, this one has sucked me in, and I am (gasp) nearly done with it. There are tons of characters to sort through, but once you get past that it is a good read. A little mystery and a lot of catty mama drama… I can’t wait to finish it.

2. Jackson Metro


These Metro Jackson “Metro” note cards & and prints by Laurel from The Lovely Bee are just the cutest. Such a creative idea… definitely not your mama’s boring monogrammed notecards. Local gals, Laurel is offering a 10% discount for Wowie readers (Hi mom!). (Oops. I, uh, really didn’t mean that about your notecards.) Check them out over at her Etsy shop. Use the code WOWIE10 at checkout.

3. Anthro Shower Curtain


I ordered this shower curtain for the boys’ bathroom, and I:

(a) am obsessed with it
(b) can’t even
(c) am literally dying
(d) none of the above

If you chose (d), you are correct. If you selected another answer punch yourself in the face for thinking that I would say any of those things.

But, I do sort of love it. Even the bag it came in is cute.


I know all you girl mamas are like, “Ew. Bugs.” But guess what? I will take bugs over robots or fire engines or mutant turtles any day.

Why don’t you just go buy some really cute pink stuff, and leave me and my bugs alone. Ugh.

4. Jamberry


Yaya was wearing this polish, and I loved it. It’s called ‘dusk’ and is the perfect putty grey for fall. Jamberry also carries nail wraps that you apply using a hairdryer. All these are sized for little girls, and would be great for a “spa” birthday party. (Girl moms, I’m sorry for what I said earlier and am trying to make it up to you. And you can make it up to me by inviting me to the party.)

5. MG Kimono


I went shopping with Kailey and Lily a couple of weeks ago, and they talked me into buying this kimono. I named it Eileen (get it?), and have gotten at least 50 compliments on it. Or five. Either way, it is super comfy, and I promise I was wearing bottoms in that photo.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I’ll have to add that book to the list, all of your other recommendations have been a hit with me so far. I bought that kimono a couple of months ago and have LOVED it! So comfy. And those notecards!!! They will go perfectly in the piles of all the other notecards I’ve just had to have, but never used, so cute! And I love the shower curtain, now if only I could find one to suit a boy and girl’s bathroom!

  2. I’m literally dying reading this…ha! You rock!
    Will check out the book.. I liked the husbands secret ..thanks

  3. Lovin’ that kimono. I shouldn’t cop to it but I spent a stupid amount of time trying to find one online in a M/L after I read this post. No luck. Guess I’ll have to live up to the stereotype and hide my soon to be mess of a post-baby body in yoga pants and t-shirts like everyone else. Bummer. That kimono would be awesome at camouflaging spit up.

  4. Thank you for giving the Jackson Metro stuff a shout out!!! 🙂 You’re the best!! And I die over that shower curtain!!! I might just have to order it to go in the bathroom connected to our nursery! 😉

  5. I’m a girl mom and I love the shower curtain lol. I came across your blog a few days ago and I love it. You are hilarious, your kids are adorable, and you have a BEAUTIFUL home. You live a very eventful life that is interesting and intriguing to read, especially to a boring, stay-at-home mom like myself. Needless to say, I read your entire blog (its not so weird, because I’m not the only one), and its a shame that when I got into it, you’ve only posted once this month. :/ Hope to see more soon!

  6. Love the top… is yours a med/large? No smalls left!