friday four

Long time, no list. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of my summer favorites.



I got a pair of TKEES (pronounced tikis, in case you are wondering) back in the spring. They are so comfortable and go with pretty much everything (mine are SPF 15). I have worn them nonstop this summer, and my feelings for them are unnatural (considering they are shoes). They also come with a little cotton carry bag. Very convenient to keep in your purse or car… especially if you find yourself out of milk while wearing 3 inch heels.

2. Health Warrior Chia Bars


Picked up a box of coconut chia bars at Homegoods on a whim. And by “on a whim,” I mean I was getting hangry. And by “hangry,” I mean I was experiencing hunger induced anger. Anyway, they have 110 calories, 1000 mg of omega-3 and taste delicious. They are much more expensive online, so I went back to Homegoods and cleaned them out. Worth a shot if you are into chia and coconut. You probably aren’t.

3. Target PJs

Have y’all seen the cute pj short sets at Target? They look so much like the super expensive ones from Eberjey.





(Thanks a lot Target for not letting me steal pics from your website. Notice the strategic hair swing to hide my makeupless face. Or maybe I was in the middle of my morning jig.)

They are so soft, and you can’t beat the $80 price difference. I have the navy with pink piping but looks like those are not available online.

4. Sophia Rosé


My love for Sophia is nothing new, but this summer I have grown quite fond of the rosé. It is great with summer salads and light pastas. As with all rosés, I want to wear a t-shirt that says “This Is Not White Zin” while drinking it.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Your whole list appeals to me. Especially the rose, after the day I’ve had! And drinking a glass while wearing cute PJs doesn’t sound too bad. I think I’ve got the germ of a major strategy.
    Y’all have a great weekend!

  2. Cute jams! Might need to pick up a pair and stash them for a few weeks. They look perfect for lounging about during maternity leave. You know, when I don’t want to get fancy in my yoga pants. That Rose looks pretty nice for maternity leave too…

  3. Those pj’s are awesome! Must have those.