hoppy Easter

While other bloggers are posting recaps of their morning activities and delicious lunches, I am just getting around to Easter. Not that I am a blogger. If you call me that, I will likely curl into the fetal position and chew on my hair. It’s the same reaction I have when someone says kiosk, moist or “do life.” Or when a man says “we’re pregnant.” No WE’RE not. Unless you gain 50 pounds and push a watermelon out your pee hole, in which case I guess you can say it.

Nothing says Easter like fetal positions and pee holes. Let’s get started.

On Good Friday, we loaded up the car and headed down to Jasper County. And I do mean LOADED.


The boys played outside and we had crawfish with the cousins. It was a great day and a wonderful start to the weekend.



The teepee my mama built for the boys…


A little pre-game…


On Saturday, we had our annual Easter picnic and egg dye/hunt. It was also my daddy’s birthday so we celebrated that as well. Lily and Kailey helped me set up for the picnic and it got a little Pinteresting.


This cake was super cute to start with. Then all the icing slid right off. Good thing icing doesn’t have to be cute to taste delicious.








That night we had a shrimp boil and sat outside by the fire. It was such a fun day that G fell asleep in my lap.


My home church has always had Easter sunrise service but this year it was at regular time. It was so strange to be fully awake during the service. And people looked so much happier. At least on our pew.



After church we headed south to visit with the Mawmaws. We had a great lunch, another egg hunt and more Easter baskets. Filled with more Reece’s Eggs. I will gain 7-10 pounds in the next month and a half. No doubt.


I’m sure they said there is an egg over here…


After the egg hunt, Graham drew a picture for Mawmaw J (his great grandmother). She is in her nineties and one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. When he got done he brought it to me and directed me to write the following:

Dear Mawmaw J,
I love you.
I hope you have a really great time in heaven.

I just about fell out and then told him I couldn’t write that. He said, “What? I hope she has a good time.”

I hope you had a great Easter. And that you have a really great time in heaven.

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  1. graham! you made my cry tears of laughter! absolutely something Charlie would say. You look stunning, your kids PJs are darling and the food pics made me hungry. really wanting deviled eggs for lunch now… xo
    ps. will it really take you a month and half to eat all the Reece Eggs?!! More like an hour and a half here. Self control issues.

    • Thanks Tessa. About the eggs… they are finished. Wishful thinking that it will take a month and a half for them to show up. 😉