friday five

1. Cadbury White Mini Eggs


I picked up a bag of these at Target “for the boys.” And then I ate most of them waiting in carpool line. By the time Graham got in the car, I looked like Tyrone Biggums. SHAZAM.


(I miss Chapelle’s Show but please don’t tell my mama I watched it.)

Am I comparing the Easter candy to crack? Yes. You should try it.


(The candy, not crack.)

2. Williams Sonoma Sale


Williams Sonoma soaps and candles are currently 20% off online (plus free shipping) and in stores. The candles make great hostess gifts so I stock up when they are on sale. I really like the fleur de sel candle… it smells clean and beachy. If we can’t live at the beach, at least we can pretend, right? I also like the rosemary mint scent (especially this time of year).

(That was just a really desperate attempt to get you to invite me to a party.)

(Let me know if it worked.)

3. Candor Zinfandel


Y’all. If you like red wine you should really try Candor Zinfandel. It is yummy… maybe a little too yummy. Like, “Where is that bottle of wine? What? I already drank it?” yummy.

Not that I have ever done that.

(If you invite me to your party I will bring the candle AND a bottle of Candor.)

(Seriously. Let me know.)

4. Clinique Chubby Stick


For as long as I can remember (which isn’t very long), I’ve been searching for the right red lipstick. I love how it looks on other people, but I always look like a clown. And I don’t like clowns.

This Clinique Chubby Stick in mightiest maraschino was a gift with purchase, and it the most wearable red I have ever tried. I still have to cut it 50% with a neutral lip gloss but PROGRESS. It doesn’t dry my lips out so I’m going to try some other colors too.

I know you are all as excited as I am about this discovery. Hashtag sarcasm.

5. DoTerra Balance

Not to get all Hippie Longstockings, but have y’all tried the Balance essential oil blend from doTerra? I ordered it on a whim after seeing this on Pinterest…


I have been known to be a little ADD and by a little I mean I should be medicated. And then I saw this and it really sold me…


If one of its primary uses is coma, it must be good, right? Right.

I had to read through a bunch of accounting literature this week and thought it would be a good time to test it out.

(Am I comparing reading accounting literature to being in a coma? Yes.)

I dabbed a little behind my ears and waited for the magic to happen. I must say, I did feel less hyper and more focused than usual. Last night, I put a little in an oil diffuser (from The Body Shop circa 1999) and my kids have never been as calm and cooperative.


Kidding. They were still crazytown.

(Don’t forget to check out all the Five on Friday posts here. Have a great weekend!)

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  1. THat candy is amazing. I just tried the white eggs and they are divine. I am going to check out that oil too. I have been curious, but I am not really a very good hippie.

  2. You always crack me up!!!! I will invite you to a party‚Ķan unpacking party! You bring the candle, I’ll supply the wine! I am obsessed with DoTerra! Veitver and Lavender are huge helps in getting me to relax and fall asleep at night! Love them!!! Happy Friday! xoxo

  3. The Cadbury eggs are my #1 favorite Easter candy! I haven’t tried the white ones yet, but it looks like I need to pick up a pack. I’m also totally in love with Clinique chubby sticks. They are the perfect easy lip color! Happy weekend!

  4. Yes, you can come to any one of my parties. Any time. You described that wine in the most perfect way (and I am REALLY craving wine right now). You have me interested in that essential oil!

  5. Consider yourself invited to all our parties. We’re just slightly west of your neighborhood. In Houston. But, no kidding, come on over if you’re in the area! And don’t forget the candle and the zin!

  6. I was about to click purchase at “my kids were calm and cooperative”. Then the let down. I can keep hoping for a miracle.