Friday Four

I hope you all had a happy (cough, cough) Valentine’s Day. I sure did. No chocolate or red roses in sight. Whew.

1. Perfumes for Spring

Sephora always gets me with their “triple points” on fragrance purchases promotion. Who can say no to triple points?

Not me, not I.

I picked up the new Tory Burch perfume and it smells delicious. It is a tad heavy on the floral, so don’t use too much. Or do if you want your fragrance sensitive coworkers to sniff and sneeze all day. Nothing like a little office drama.


I also ordered Fresh Life because, THE POINTS. I got a rollerball to keep in my purse. Rollerball sounds so Boogie Nights. Makes me want to wear leg warmers and change my name to Rollergirl. Anyway, Life smells so fresh and so clean and I love it. Every time I say I “love” something, Wells and G respond, “Well why don’t you marry it?”


I would if it asked.

ps- The Tory Burch also comes in a rollerball if you want to test the waters before you dive in. Also, Saks and Neiman Marcus currently have a free gift with beauty or fragrance purchases. Did someone say tote bag filled with samples I’ll never use? Sign me up.

2. Jergens BB Body Cream

Y’all. This stuff is good. I’m not really a lotion person, but this BB cream is different. Your skin instantly soaks it up and it smells great. It is slightly tinted (not glittery), but doesn’t come off on your clothes. It is just what my super pale, ashy skin has been hoping for.

bb cream

3. Batiste Blond

Y’all know I can’t go two days without my dry shampoo. It is right up there with sliced bread and K cups. Batiste Blond is great for covering the roots until you can have them taken care of. Not that my hair isn’t naturally blond.


Okay. It isn’t.

But it used to be.

4. Tobacco Leaf Tin Plates

Just ordered some of these plates from Furbish. They bear a striking resemblance to one of my favorite china patterns, Mottahedeh Tobacco Leaf. The only difference is they cost about $130 dollars less and are shatter resistant. I can only imagine the amount of sedatives one would require after breaking the real thing. That is why I admire from afar, far away.


These will be great for outdoor dining when it warms up. No Xanax necessary.

I am linking up with April and the gang for Five on Friday. Although I only have four. Let’s count the perfumes as two and call it even.

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Happy Friday!

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  1. I just love Tory’s new fragrance! Smells so heavenly.

  2. ummm I just fell madly in love with you from this post (not weird at all right? haha) First of all- cannot wait to go get that bb body cream like today and the dry shampoo? Yes please! Now, can I ask a random question? The rug in the dry shampoo pic, please tell me where that is from! I’m obsessed! Happy weekend!

  3. I love Fresh perfumes they smell delicious!! I love using BB cream on my face – so can’t wait to try out the jergens!! Hope you have a great weekend – stopped by from the link-up!

  4. Thanks for the tips! Think I’ll try them all, actually. Well, except for the plates, because I’m in the lets-get-rid-of-all-this-stuff phase. Which gives my husband something to do on the weekends. He’s understandably thrilled. Or not.

  5. I’m going to try the bb cream and dry shampoo. I’m really lazy about putting on lotion,like I never take the time….but if you recommend it I’ll try it because you haven’t steered me wrong yet. I’m a dry shampoo addict, I hate washing my hair! Always looking to try a new one of those . Where do u buy this one?I have a sample of the tory burch perfume from sephora and I like it but agree a little hoes a long way. Thanks wowie 🙂

  6. LOVE all of the Fresh perfumes. So… fresh.
    Your new pic is adorable!

  7. Those plates!!! I need them. Thanks for the info!