friday five and a vote

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to start complaining about how hot it is. I can’t wait for that golden week in between the pollen and mosquitos when we enjoy the great outdoors. After that, we spend a lot of time on the screened porch. Last summer, I committed to having new cushions and pillows made for our outdoor furniture. It would have been easier to have myself committed. Why is it so hard to choose fabric? I didn’t have any problem picking it out for the cushions we’ve had for ten years. There must be more choices now. Oh, and Pinterest. Ugh.

Here are the current ones…



I wouldn’t even replace them except they decided to up and mold. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t use outdoor fabric. Here are five outdoor spaces that I really like.

1. The White Stripes


2. Green the Screen


3. Naughty Nautical


(It’s not really naughty)

4. Gettin’ Figgy With It


5. Mississippi Hippie


Just noticed that most of those have rattan chairs. Lucky for us, we have a few lying around.


So now… the vote. Which is your favorite? Should I paint the wicker white? Help an indecisive sister out. Also, if you have any indoor/outdoor fabric recommendations, please share. Or just do it for me. Afterward, we will lounge on your super cool cushions, drink mojitos and talk about how awesome you are.

It takes a village.

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  1. Love the white stripes and the Gettin Figgy With It!
    I love crisp… Reminds me of seaside!;)

  2. Green the screen! Greek Key gets me every time.

  3. Mississippi Hippie, for sure. Love them all!

  4. Green the Screen! It is my favorite color and it matches my eyes. I like to color coordinate with my fabric! Ha!

  5. I like the gettin’ figgy with it! I think the wicker is beautiful just the way it is – painting it might make it sticky in the heat, too…

  6. My vote is for getting figgy with it..good luck! I’ll still be in mt house freezing

  7. I like your chairs just like they are and I like the colors in the Naughty Nautical with the darker color of your furniture. I say go to Premier Fabrics…they have tons of outdoor fabric to choose from. You will have your new digs in no time. We had new cushions made two years ago with fabric from Premier and they still look like new! Come over and take a look….see what you think. I’ll make the Mojitos!

  8. Naughty nautical! With the chairs the color they are!

  9. Hi! I love your chairs! Where did you find them?