we gonna party like it’s your birthday

We weren’t giving in to Graham’s birthday wish list (although I really think a hot tub/pool isn’t a bad idea), so we gave him the next best thing. We rented a game truck for his party so he could get his “Marios” fix. We knew that he would be totally preoccupied once his friends and the truck arrived, so we had a family lunch earlier in the day. Shortly after Mawmaw Sarah arrived, there was a knock at the door.

Kid: Um, I’ve got some bad news.
Me: Break it to me. (foreshadowing)
Kid: Little Billy was shooting his BB gun and it ricocheted and it broke the glass.
Me: What glass?
Kid: The glass in the car.
Me: What car?
Kid: The silver car parked on the street.


Y’all. I was already running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. (Seriously? Who has two parties in one day?) I considered not even telling Mawmaw it happened because I knew it would ruin her day. BECAUSE she had plans to go by the dealership and trade it in for a new car on her way out of town. Oops.


Our neighbor took the car to have the window shrink wrapped so she could drive it, and it all worked out. “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid” was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Thankful it was a window and not someone’s face.

Graham had a great time blowing out candles and opening presents from the family.





My daddy gave him an electric scooter that my mother objected to (“It is for ages eight and up”), so she decided to get him a Vtech Innotab. I wish you could have seen his face when he opened it. “What is this? A baby tablet? I DO NOT want a baby tablet.” We talked to him about being gracious and thankful when people give him gifts, so he thanked Nan and then reminded her that he isn’t a baby.


Apparently, five is the new fourteen.


He did fall off of the scooter and into the mud during his test drive. I’m pretty sure it was God’s way of telling him not to get too big for his muddy britches.

Later that afternoon, the game truck arrived. All the kids climbed on board and gamed their little hearts out for a couple of hours.





They had the best time and so did the parents. I obsessively checked to be sure the truck was still in the driveway because I kept envisioning it pulling away with all the kids inside. You know, sort of like a techy Pied Piper or a mysterious stranger’s van full of candy.

Told y’all I’m not right.

After the truck left (with no kids inside), Graham got to blow out candles and open gifts. Again.







His fifth birthday was definitely one for the G record book. He proclaimed it the BEST. DAY. EVER. and was absolutely spent.


And the rest of us weren’t far behind him.

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  1. How do crazy things follow you?? Crazy about the car! Good idea for a birthday though.

  2. Game truck? Genius idea!

    I cannot believe a BB gun shot that car! Like, what the heck were those kids doing shooting bb guns in the middle of the street?! Glad it worked out though.

  3. The party looks like so much fun. Love the game truck…wish that would have been around when my boys were small. At any rate, the BB/car window incident reminds me of a time when my boys were shooting their BB gun in our old neighborhood. They had been outside for a while and came in the house with funny looking faces. I asked what was wrong. I got a smirky “nothing” from both of them. Shortly after the police show edup at our neighbors house across the street. Seems the BB’s hit several of their front windows…they thought they were gunshots and called the police. Upon investigation, they knew it was not a gunshot but a BB gun that did the damage. Enter POLICE in our driveway. Talk about embarrassing!!! The boys certainly did not mean to shoot our neighbors windows but the BB’s went farther than they thought they would. Neighbor was SOOOOO nice about it. He said he has watched our kids grow up from the time we moved in and new they were good kids. We paid for new windows and the neighbors still love us!!