friday four

I had intended to post about our beach vacation today (you know, the one from early JUNE), but it just isn’t going to happen. There are so many pictures that I may never get through them. I know y’all are (not) sitting on the edge of your porch swings waiting for it. Maybe next week. Maybe early December. I don’t like to put myself under too much pressure.

Stuff I am digging this week…

1. Toasted Coconut Almonds


Y’all. These are so good. If you like coconut and you like almonds, try them. If you like wearing your skinny jeans, don’t try them. I ate the entire can.

2. Birthday Happy


I found these gold and cork Pinch Minimergency kits at J. Crew. They have various things we are always looking for like bandaids, clear nail polish, dental floss, wine and so on. Well maybe not wine, but only because it wouldn’t fit. I think it would be perfect to keep a kit (or wine) in your desk or car. Or both. I paired it with a three pack of mini notebooks from Target. They have gold foil on the cover and include New York, Paris and Rome. I also found this navy and gold binder at Target.


I am sure it is intended for fifth graders. I bought two.

3. Hydrangeas

If you don’t have hydrangeas planted in your yard, I highly recommend them. They are easy to grow and the flowers are beautiful. I like to see them growing outside, but love to cut them and bring them inside. They last for several days and are so easy to arrange. And by arrange, I mean throw in a mason jar.


4. Reader’s Digest “Letter”


I love this G I found for Graham’s room. It is cut from an old Reader’s Digest. I found it at Interiors Market a month or so ago. In case you are wondering, those are my cowboy boots from when I was a boot scootin’ baby. I was really into line dancing.

I am linking up with A. Liz Adventures’ 5 on Friday again this week. I might as well go ahead change it to friday FIVE.

5 on Friday Logo - Final

5. Tomato Tart


I finally made the first tomato tart of the season, and it was long overdue. So easy and SO delicious. Recipe here. I omitted the greek seasoning this time, and it was just as good.

Happy Friday. Try to stay cool this weekend. But not this cool…


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  1. Oooooh … now that photo above is definitely the epitome of cool!

    We just planted our first hydrangeas this year! I bought three between last year and the year before, and then I procrastinated hard and never planted them and they died (shocker). If only I’d cared as much then as I do now!

  2. I bought the Salt and Vinegar almonds! They were good too!

  3. That minimergency kit is such a great gift idea! I need a gift idea for a 5 year old boy stat…like tomorrow, any ideas? Ideas that don’t include legos? Ha! I bet you were the cutest little boot scootin’ baby, I think you need to find a photo! 😉 And no way was I ever or will I ever be as cool as that trio…too cute!! Have a great weekend! Xoxo, Cameron

  4. I love the G! And I couldn’t be as cool as those three in the bottom picture if I tried. Happy weekend!

  5. They are the coolest! Such a great pic! Love that G book!!! I think I need one for both of the little presidents! That little kit looks so adorbs! Love the idea! Cheers to the weekend! xoxo!

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