Easter 2013

If nothing else, this blog is timely. Unless we are talking about every holiday post before this one, in which case, not so much. And timely is a relative term. Easter was just over a week ago. Less than one month = right on time in my book. Except I don’t have a book because I don’t have a publisher. And I haven’t written one. But I plan to as soon as I get caught up on this blog. Let’s do this…

On Good Friday, we went to New Orleans to visit our yankee cousins, Mike and Heather and their two boys. They aren’t really yankees… they are from Georgia. But they live in Philadelphia, so same thing. When we got there, we couldn’t check in because our room wasn’t ready. So, we all waited patiently (ahem) in the courtyard for. like. ever.



Wells and Emmett are the same age and G and Nicholas are too. Emmett is precious, but I could eat Nicholas with a spoon. They all had the best time. Just ask the people in the courtyard trying to enjoy their martinis in peace.

Come to find out, the Miami Heat were checking out of the hotel, and if you are the Miami Heat, you can check out WHENEVER you darn well please.


Not cool, Dwayne Wade. Not cool.

So we waited some more, and then we finally got a room. Then we did what everyone does while visiting New Orleans… we went for Mexican food. I think cousin Mike was impressed with (disgusted by?) my nacho eating abilites.



After dinner, we checked out Mike and Heather’s courtyard and ended the night with a kid dance party in their room. What can I say? Things get crazy in New Orleans.



The next morning, we had breakfast and then met for a ride on the St. Charles streetcar…






Afterward, we had to hit the road. Yaya threatened to disown us all if we were late for the Easter picnic. We were late per usual, but she didn’t disown us. She is all talk.






We drank Abita Root beer (which Graham dubbed “butt sodas” because WHY NOT?), ate lots of yummy food and played baseball . We also dyed eggs and Graham’s fingers and Nan’s tablecloth. Sadly, there was no Easter animal sacrifice this year. RIP Ginger.

Easter morning we got up bright at early for sunrise service. Every year, Nan tells us that church starts thirty minutes before it actually starts so we will all be on time. Every year, we call her bluff. This year was no exception.



After church and Easter baskets, we headed to Hattiesburg for Easter lunch with Mawmaw Sarah and another egg hunt.





“There is definitely one hidden under here. That naked brown kid told me so.”

And in case you think I haven’t posted enough pictures already, I’ll leave you with this one…


“Just eat the carrot and no bunny gets hurt…”

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  1. I like your theory that within a month it is still technically “on time.” And it is such a shame that your boys don’t have more personality, I’m sure they have you crying with boredom 😉 Love all the pics! And can we just discuss doing a hair exchange please? 🙂

  2. Your posts always crack me up. You all looked spiffy for Easter! Thanks for sharing 🙂