so you can take that cookie…

It never fails. You resolve to eat healthier in January, but who can resist all that Valentine’s candy? Then, just when you think you are in the clear, they show up with their sassy badges and high metabolisms.

Girl Scouts.

You can’t say no… it is for a good cause. So you say yes to two boxes of each kind and loosen your pj pants to make room.

You don’t have to feel guilty anymore. Here’s a delicious and healthy recipe to try if you have extra Girl Scout cookies lying around.

Girl Scout Cookie Banana Pudding

You will need:

1 large box of sugar free, fat free instant vanilla pudding
1 can of fat free condensed milk
1 large tub of fat free or lite Cool Whip

1 1/2 boxes of Girl Scout Trefoil shortbread cookies


First, make the pudding (add three cups of cold milk and whisk for two minutes). Let the pudding sit for a couple of minutes while you slice up the bananas.



Add the condensed milk to the pudding and mix it for a couple of minutes more. Next, add the Cool Whip. And whip it good. Not really. Just fold it in.


Now the fun part. Break up some cookies and place them in the bottom of a trifle dish. Add a layer of bananas and then cover it with the creamy pudding mixture. Add a layer of cookies on top.


Alternate those layers (cookies, bananas, pudding) to the top. Or you get all fancy (relatively speaking) and make a cookie border around the dish. That’s right… Trefoil up your trifle. Why would you want to cover up all those gals with their Farrah feathered hair?



See what I did there? I took fattening cookies and added healthy ingredients (fruit and dairy) and cancelled out the calories. Take that, Girl Scouts.

(If you don’t have Trefoils or if you decide to make this during Girl Scout cookie off season, use Nilla Wafers (I like the minis) or Lorna Doone shortbread cookies. Brooke mentioned on Instagram that she uses Nutter Butters… I think they would be delicious in this recipe.)

Now, where’s my badge?

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  1. Looks so good! I think I gained 5lbs just reading this post 😉

  2. So THAT’S a trifle (dish? Bowl?)!!! Thanks! 😉

  3. For some reason I’ve been craving banana pudding lately… I don’t have any girl scout cookies but I think I’m going to adapt your light recipe with nilla wafers!