there’s a tear in my beer…

A couple of weeks ago, SK was changing Graham after church. He noticed something in the pocket of G’s pants and pulled out these…


Yep. Graham took a pocket full of beer bottle caps to Sunday school. It is embarrassing enough that he took them to church, but I’m sure he also told them he drank the beer. The teachers probably think this explains his behavior.

While cleaning out his closet later that day, I decided to embarrass him for a change. My children are not opinionated when it comes to their clothes. They will wear pretty much whatever we lay out or put on them, EXCEPT for “baby clothes.” You know what I mean… monogrammed, smocked, onesie bubble jon jons. I think Graham’s first words were, “Get these baby clothes off of me.”

I bought this 4T jumper when Wells was an infant (“It’s on clearance? I MUST have it in every size and color”)… never been worn. We told Graham he had to wear it for a week and then made him try it on. He wasn’t happy…


Now please excuse me while I go sew all his pockets shut.

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  1. LOL! We attend a really conservative church and my 5 year old announced very loudly to everyone one Sunday morning that his mom and dad were taking a trip to Vegas that week. The most conservative couple just happens to sit in front of us. Awkward! Just have to laugh about it!

  2. You are so funny. I’ve been balls to the wall jon-jons and smocking since the beginning, knowing my days are numbered. I have maybe a few more months, and then it’s boring clothes. Boo.