I just took down the tree…

So this post REALLY isn’t that late. As always, Santa visited our house a couple of days before Christmas and did not disappoint. Well, except Graham didn’t get the asteroid he asked for. When he first mentioned it, we thought it was some kind of toy or game so we asked what he meant. He looked really put out and then said,”You know… they fall from space.” Oh, and Wells didn’t get the iPad, iTouch and iPhone that he requested. What’s next? A timeshare in Boca Raton? I had to give him the old “when I was little, we were on a party line” speech.

Christmas eve was lots of fun. I helped my Daddy make his famous gumbo and it was yummy. Kailey’s new boyfriend joined us for dinner. In an attempt to embarrass her/ inaugurate him, we cast them as the lead roles in the live Nativity. Not pictured- Wells holding a cane and a stuffed Lamb Chop doll.

Christmas day at Mawmaw Sarah’s was great but a little rushed due to the weather. When this guy shows up in your town, it is never a good sign. Luckily, the weather didn’t get too terribly bad. Sorry your Christmas wish didn’t come true, little Jimmy.

The weekend before Christmas, we planned to go to family Christmas lunch in Louisiana and then continue down to New Orleans for the night. The morning we were supposed to leave, Graham woke up with a fever.

We spent half the day in the after hours clinic and then asked G if he would rather be sick at home or sick in New Orleans. If you know my kids, you know the answer. Before you start thinking we are terrible parents, he didn’t feel all that bad. Start thinking? Who am I kidding?

Thankfully, no Apple devices were destroyed during this trip. You better believe that little rascal was not allowed anywhere near the balcony with my phone. The next day, Wells and SK went to the Saints game…

And Graham and I slummed it at Felipe’s…

Yes, I took my sick baby to a bar to watch the football game. Thanks for pointing that out. Also, “Watch the football game” is code for “get nachos.”

While I was packing up, Graham was messing around in the bathroom. He came out with the shower cap on his head, and said, “here’s your order of fries.”

See. I told you he didn’t feel that bad.

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  1. Your kiddos continually make me giggle. The cutest. By far.

  2. Your house is beautiful! Love the mention of a party line. LOL