friday four

Happy Friday!

These guys are ready to watch some football. I am ready to talk about this week’s Friday four. Let’s get to it…

1. Dark Navy Nail Polish

I really like dark nail polish in the Fall. OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark is a long time favorite, but I wanted to try a dark navy instead. I recently picked up Blue Blood by Estee Lauder, and I love it. I mean, as far as nail polishes go. I don’t want to marry it or anything.

2. Monogrammed Notecards

I also love these chevron notecards from Shop Dandy Boutique. They certainly make note writing more fun. There are lots of cute scarves, dresses and accessories on the website as well. Check it out.

3. Candy Corn Trail Mix

This stuff is so good… and so addictive. Y’all are gonna think I sit around and eat cookies and candy all the time. I promise I don’t… at least not all the time.

4. Slipper Genie

How great are these? You simply slip on a pair, and shuffle around your house for a few hours. Bam! Clean floors. And the camel pair will go with everything.

I am kidding. Mostly. Definitely waiting to buy them until they come in children’s sizes.

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  1. I’m a total copycat and had to try the fall mix. Not bad!! 🙂