when it rains, it floods

Over the last few weeks…

Lily was admitted to the children’s hospital in Birmingham with pneumonia.

While on my way to see her, I was caught in the worst storm in which I have ever driven.

I got lost.

I almost ran out of gas (like 0 miles until empty with a fallen tree across the road… told you it was a bad storm).

Steve and the boys also got caught in a terrible storm driving from my parents’ house to Madison. They had to pull off the interstate in Jackson because it was hailing, and SK couldn’t see. High (water) Street was covered and his car flooded out as they were trying to drive back to the interstate. A police officer came to help them. My children were taken into custody. (Not really, but they did get to ride in a police car.) I called SK from the hospital, and it went a little something like this:

Me: Are y’all home?
SK: No. We are at the Texaco on High Street. My car is flooded out in the middle of the street.
Me: Your car is under water and you walked to Texaco?
SK: No, the police officer dropped us off.
Me: A police officer dropped you off? Are the kids ok?
SK: They are fine. I left their shoes in the car. They are eating Cheetos.
Me: My kids are barefoot in Texaco eating Cheetos?
SK: No, silly. They were cold and wet, so some nice folks let them sit in their van.
SK: Calm down. They have five children.
Me: Five children that they kidnapped from gas stations.
(By this point in the conversation, Lily and the gang were laughing hysterically)

AND, SK’s car got hit whilst parked in the middle of said street.

Did I mention that all that happened on the same day? But the fun didn’t stop there…

Graham (a.k.a Spiderman) jumped off the couch and hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. One ER visit, four stitches and five hours later we were home. (He didn’t cry during the stitches, and said the ER was awesome… pray for us.)

I put my feet on the dash of the truck and while stretching my legs, cracked the windshield.

I had a terrible headache for an entire week. It was the same week as the head injury, so I chalked it up to stress. By Saturday, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to a walk-in clinic. After hearing my symptoms, the guy told me he was pretty sure I had an aneurysm. He sent me to the hospital for an “emergency” CT scan, but told me I probably wouldn’t have the results until Monday. I didn’t want to spend the entire weekend worrying and ugly crying, so I called my precious neighbor, Dr. Heather. She was on call at a different hospital and told me to come to the ER there and they would read it same day. Several hours (check out my new Pinterest board “inspirations for my memorial”) and two CT Scans later, I was sent home with an antibiotic… FOR MY SINUS INFECTION.

Dear Nurse Practitioner Guy at TrustCare in The Township in Ridgeland,

You are getting punched in the throat.


Just so we are clear, I am not complaining. Things can always be worse, and I am thankful everything turned out the way it did. Lily is well, G didn’t have a concussion and my brain is ok. (Insert your own joke about my brain here.)

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  1. If you had not included the pics as proof, I don’t think I would’ve believed all that happened. So glad it wasn’t worse.