in the closet

“Why haven’t you written anything on your blog lately?” Because I have been doing important stuff like this…

We use this tiny closet under our stairs for storing gift wrap, gift bags, ribbon, etc. We? Who am I kidding? I use it. Anyway, it had gotten so packed full of boxes and bags that it took ninja-like skills to open and shut the door without causing an avalanche. In a fit of frustration, I pulled everything out, threw a bunch of it away (I was getting a little hoardy with the bows) and organized what was left.

I feel so free.

I have also been making turkey burgers… a lot.

So easy, and so good for you (or at least not super bad. They taste delicious with provolone cheese, avocado and turkey bacon. I just add salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce to the ground turkey, and SK grills them up for us. I could eat them every. single. day.

So that pretty much covers it. I cleaned out a closet and made some burgers. Then I posted it on the Internet.

And then you read it.

We live in a strange world.

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  1. That sounds delicious with avocado. (I’m obsessed with avocado.)

  2. Really? That’s all you have to post? What about when I was with you for a week or your trip? Don’t you have kids? Post funny things that G does or says. Come on, Wowie…you can do better than this. I love you.
    p.s. I don’t mean to be sassy or anything.

  3. And now my day is complete. Thank you!

  4. Wowie?!? OMG. I had NO idea. Beck mentioned that she saw Stevie and his car had been flooded on High Street but I had no idea….Trust me I know how dangerous High Street can get in broad daylight. I am forever grateful that my sweet friend is going to be okay. Please take care and come visit soon or at least let’s get toghether in New Orleans. XOXOXO.