the graduate

A couple of weeks ago, Wells graduated from kindergarten. It was precious. The ceremony was so sweet, and the kids did a fantastic job.

Notice that Graham is not in any of the photos. Totally my fault. Graduation began at 8:15 and lasted over an hour. I didn’t give him breakfast before we left home. The bad parenting book I am reading suggested it. About ten minutes in, he asked for a snack. About thirty minutes in, he started saying (in a rather loud voice) that he was starving. Toward the end he was begging strangers for cheetos and fake fainting. As soon as it was over, he hightailed it to the cake table.

After Graham finished his appetizer, we went to eat at Another Broken Egg. A couple of kids in Wells’ class had graduation parties, so I told him that this was his graduation brunch. He bought it.

Later that day, there was a party for his class at his friend’s house. The kids had a blast, but I was a nervous wreck. The entire time I pictured some kid tripping on the extension cord and all the air deflating from the slide. I realize I should probably be medicated.

First day of K3…

Last day of K5…

And in totally unrelated news, my niece Kailey was one of two students from our state chosen to receive the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. Kailey collects caps for children receiving chemo treatment, and delivers them to hospitals in Mississippi and Alabama. She went to DC for the awards ceremony and got to meet Eli Manning (what a lucky ducky). I am so proud of you, Kailey. You are an inspiration to all who know you.

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  1. You are hilarious. Graduation brunches are awesome..way better than graduation parties!