At the beginning of this month, SK had to speak at a conference in Naples, FL. He was sweet enough to let us crash his trip. Wells and Graham both called it Maples, thus the title of this (better late than never) post. It was G’s first time on a plane, and he loved it.

When we got there, SK had to go to a welcome reception, so the boys and I headed to Publix. We don’t snack much at home, but I have to stock up when we are on vacation. When we got to the checkout, I realized my wallet was in my carry on… at the hotel. Wells and Graham didn’t have any cash (typical), so I begged them not to put my snacks back and returned to the hotel for my wallet. Lovely.

I also let them watch Sponge Bob when we are on vacation.

sponge bob face

We went to the pool every morning…

And to the beach every afternoon…

The weather was fantastic, and the boys had a ball. One night SK was free, so we went to dinner in Old Town Naples and then to the Naples Pier to watch the sunset…

We also went for ice cream. While we were there, a leggy, Swedish super model type walked in with her boyfriend. Graham stopped eating his ice cream and stared at her while she was ordering at the counter. I asked him what he was looking at, and he said, “her pants.” I asked him why, and he said, “because I wish she was NEKKID.” What the what? Where does this kid come up with stuff? Seriously, y’all… we need prayers.

The last night we were there, we went to the conference “family fun night.” Except, we were the only family there. No. Other. Kids. Luckily, ours laid low. Not.

Click here for the live version.

And the next day, after reviewing the safety information, they crashed.

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