burn baby burn

I like candles. Here are my three favorites. As if you care.

#1 Capri Blue Peeled Naval Orange. Available at Anthro. Made in Starkville (Go, Mississippi). It smells fantastic, and you can reuse the mercury glass jar when the candle is done. I have my makeup brushes in one. I am cool like that.

#2 Nouvelle Paperwhite and Honey. How pretty is this thing? It smells really beachy to me. Not like paperwhites (aka dirty diapers) at all. I will definitely keep this container too. Also made in the South… Louisiana, I think.

#3 Amy’s Country Candles Gardenia . This is by far my favorite candle ever, so it should technically be number one. Don’t let the “country candle” thing turn you off… this is the same candle they burn in lobby of the Ritz in New Orleans. The first time I smelled it, I asked the front desk where I could get one (in their gift shop for double the price, of course). I’ve since learned that you can order them online, and Rouse’s Supermarkets in South Louisiana carry them as well. The last time SK was there for work, he brought home three… the kids must have locked me out of the house while he was gone or something. Made in Louisiana, and in a Mason jar… perfection.

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