We all know what men really want on Valentine’s Day. So last year, I gave SK this framed print…

a closer look...

I saw it on Etsy and loved it. So basically, I bought him something I wanted for Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, he is a super nice guy so he acted like he liked it. Don’t feel too bad for him. One year I was out of town on Valentine’s day, and he had his secretary FedEx a card to me… we will just call it even. But, I am going to try to do better this year.

I got him an Anthropologie gift certificate... (kidding).

Wells and I put together some treat bags for his class (the cute stickers are from Sarah and Abraham)…

I know it is a little late, but if you are still trying to find a gift, here is a suggestion. If there is a Fresh Market in your neighborhood, pick up a chocolate fudge pie. (I promise Fresh Market is not paying me… although, I would accept payment in chocolate fudge pies.) My friend, Susan Burnham, introduced me to this ridiculously delicious dessert at book club last month. Trust me, Minnie don’t have nothing on this pie… I have the extra lbs. to prove it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovies!

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