weird science

Parents are all like, “my kid is soooo smart, my kid is soooo cute”… BOR-ING. Smart, cute kids are a dime a dozen. Want to know what is in for spring? Weird kids. Lucky me… I have one. And I have the pictures to prove it.

Weird kids put weird things on their heads. Bonus points if it happens in a restaurant.

"I am cornholio..."

Suffocation risk? Like you wouldn't take a picture first.

Weird kids also like to put weird things on their faces.

This could be a jab at Wells.

Weird kids also like to get in things that are not made for getting into.

"Toy basket? Don't mind if I do..."

What's cooking

my doll bed from when I was g's age. told you my mama is a hoarder.

My doll bed from when I was Graham's age. Told you my mama is a hoarder.

Yikes. I am totally airing all our dirty laundry.

Weird kids have weird hair.

The poor girl behind him thought she was about to get cut.

Weird kids read science encyclopedias.

Wait. Smart kids read encyclopedias. So my kid is weird AND smart. And I think he is kinda cute too.

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  1. isn’t there a pic in our senior yearbook of you sitting in a pot? or I am thinking of someone else?

  2. Such a cute boy and it is great that you have captured his delightful personality for all of us to enjoy.

  3. Nannie died when you said that girl thought she was gonna get cut.