Last week, Graham and I got busy on our fall display. I love decorating for fall and Halloween. G loves playing in the dirt. We make a great team.

The finished product…

In other (more important) news, my precious niece Lily was elected to the homecoming court at her school. Graham and I got up bright and early last Friday for the day’s festivities. (Wells was stuck at home with strep throat…bless him.) Get ready for the most adorable thing ever…

Am I right, or am I right? You know Aunt Wowie was on the sidelines waving and hollering and making a scene. Can’t help it…I am just so stinking proud of her. She was beaming the entire time… such a special night. I love you, Lily… you are my heart.

Reminds me, SK brought me homecoming flowers the other day…

Not sure why he chose that particular flower presentation (was there a vase recall?), but I must say, I liked it. I am also not sure why he brought me flowers. The CEO of the company I work for says men only give flowers when they’ve done something wrong (wow, thanks for putting that in my head). After SK promised (repeatedly) that he was innocent, I accepted them. Then I walked around with them until all of the petals fell off. I was also waving and wearing a tiara. What? Y’all don’t do that?

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  1. Lily is beautiful in that dress….that sweet smile….so happy for her. Love, love, love the fall decor. Can my house be next?

  2. You make me giggle! and Lily, just absolutely beautiful. She’s so grown up now.