Baby Mine

This past weekend, we traveled to North Carolina to visit SK’s grandmother, Cecilia. She moved to an assisted living facility there when Pawpaw Wells passed away. Her birthday was Monday, so we thought it would be a great time for a visit. On Saturday, Graham was not a happy camper. We thought it was because he had been in the car so long. That night he had a high fever and a rash on his upper thighs. We called our pediatrician back home and he called in an antibiotic and a medicated cream.

By Monday, the rash was terrible. Like really, really terrible awful. We left early so we could take him in to see the doctor when we got home. Somewhere outside Birmingham, Alabama, I lost it. I had a terrible feeling he was very sick, and I told SK I thought he would have to be admitted to the hospital. (I also made him let down all the windows to air out the germs, and might have thrown something other than a fit.) We decided to stop at the ER at Children’s Hospital of Alabama. I am so glad that we did. Long story short, they admitted him, and we are still waiting to find out what is wrong with our little guy. It is most likely a severe viral infection; but no one can tell us what it is, or how he got it. We can possibly go home tomorrow, but I’d rather stay until they fix him, to be honest.

I haven’t left this room since we got here, so I have had plenty of time to freak out, worry and freak out some more. I’ve also had time to think about how strange it is to be here again. In 2008, my niece Lily was here for over a month. She was in ICU with a rare type of pneumonia she contracted due to underlying health issues. It was a dark, scary time; but she pulled through, and it was nothing less than a miracle. I spent a good bit of time here with her, and my sister and brother in law. Even though the outcome was positive, it is still painful and hard to think about. How bizarre that we ended up here now… four hours from home but in a place I am so familiar with? One of G’s doctors is also Lily’s doctor and for some reason, that makes me feel better. Sort of like, if she is good enough for my Lily, she must be good. Life is strange.

I feel so deeply for parents with seriously ill children. How frustrating must it be when doctors do not tell you what you want to hear… or they tell you nothing at all? How heartbreaking is it when your child is suffering, and you cannot do anything to make it better? It must be devastating when the world keeps spinning, and people do not notice your world is falling apart. Healthy children are a such a blessing.

Even though Graham is only two, he has a lot of awesome people in his life. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed we all feel to have such caring, thoughtful friends and family. A lot of times I kid around and say that I don’t have any friends. I stand corrected. Thank you all for making us feel so loved. Please keep baby G in your prayers. And while you are at it, throw another one in for the nurses. He is making them work extra hard for their money. Maybe telling him that we are at a hotel with 24-hour room service was not such a good idea.

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  1. Hi! I’ve never commented before, but love your blog! Just wanted to say that I’ll be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Hope you guys get to go home soon and that G starts to feel better very quickly!

    • So sorry to hear about Graham, but glad he is getting better. I know you were both scared out of your minds. I am holding him close in my prayers. Aunt T.

  2. get well soon little fella! praying for you guys!

  3. Kisses from the Kendricks!

  4. oh my gosh Farrah! I’m so sorry. I’ve been thinking about you (i always think about you when it gets to be fall weather b/c i know you love it) so i decided to check your blog and saw this about Graham. Have they told you anything yet? How’s he doing? How are you doing? Please keep me posted.

    love and miss you.

  5. FK. I had no idea. Your family and baby G are in my prayers
    Hope you all get to go home soon

  6. Precious Farrah — My heart broke (again) when I read this blog about G. Yes, when you lose control, you just…..well, lose control. I guess that is when we have to allow God to take over and just sit back and let Him drive a while. I hope by now things are getting back to normal, especially since I haven’t heard anything more, and I am praying you can slowly….with a steady hand….take back the steering wheel of your life…….just let God hang on, too. He is a good driver.

    Love you to the moon and back………………April