What Up, Beach?

So by now you know that I like camping, and that I like the beach. So what could possibly be better than camping at the beach?


I couldn’t come up with anything either. Grayton Beach State Park (located on 30A, east of Destin, FL) offers both. I wanted to reserve a tent site, but SK would only agree to a cabin. (When I get my Airstream, we won’t have to argue about this sort of thing.) We packed up the car and the kids, and I told all (three) of my friends that we were going camping. I LOVE road trips!

Before we talk trip, some of you ask why we never stay at home. We stay at home plenty, it just doesn’t make it to the bloggy because it is bo-ring. We like to go and at this point in our lives, we can force our children to go with us. Pretty soon, they will be all like, “But mom! I have plans to go to the library to work on my term paper and volunteer at the local homeless shelter and save baby kittens from ditches.” Plus, there will be plenty of time for staying at home when my kids throw me in one in a few years.

So this “cabin” ended up being a far stretch from camping. It was way nicer than my post-college apartment. Two bedrooms, kitchen, screened porch… the only thing missing was a TV, and that was fine with me. Who needs a TV when you have this…

I mean, who other than my kids. Thank the good Lord for iPhones.

Seriously, the place was really nice and very affordable. There was a short (10 minutes or so) walk to the beach through a gorgeous wooded area (or you could drive). The boys liked to walk…

The beach was practically empty, and the water was ridiculously clear. The kids had the best time. Who am I kidding? I had the best time. I would recommend this place to anyone. Well, except to those people that won’t like it (because they never like anything)… not for you guys.

We had dinner one night at The Red Bar… so fun. It is so loud in there, you can barely hear yourself think…or your kids scream. We also went to Seaside for ice cream, and watched some football on the outdoor big screen. Wells asked if we could move to Seaside when we win the Powerball. It is definitely on the short list.

And just so our kids wouldn’t call us on the “camping” fib, mama rigged up a tent.

I hope you guys are having a good week. What’s that? You want to see more pictures? Not sure I have anymore… wait. just. a. second. I found a few more…

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